Thursday, March 16, 2023

Let's Talk About...TV!

Y'all are probably confused by that title, but I'm actually watching some shows worth sharing. Who am I?!?

First up - 1923 [Paramount Plus]! Yellowstone is a show everyone I know is watching...but I just couldn't get into it. I did watch 1883 because I love Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I enjoyed the show but found it slow. I was really interested in 1923 because hello Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren?! Yes, please! And this one DOES NOT disappoint! It is FANTASTIC, and I'm so excited there is going to be a second season. I have LOVED this!!

Next up...OF COURSE Ted Lasso [Apple TV]! Season 3 started this week, and you can bet Brent and I watched it. I didn't think the season premiere was the best, but I am so excited for this season. I have seen some interviews about how this is the 'conclusion for this story'. So is this a series finale season or what? That doesn't exactly sound like THE LAST SEASON?!?!

After watching the season premiere for Ted Lasso, Brent and I decided to try Shrinking [Apple TV]. Brent and I have watched 5 episodes, and it is really good! It's a comedy with a little bit of darkness, but it's witty and good. PLUS it's more Harrison Ford! Can't go wrong there.

Brent watched Only Murders in the Building [hulu] a few months ago and thought I would enjoy it, so we started it together. We're trying to get it finished up before season 3 starts - which is adding some major additional star power - I think it's going to be great!

I also watched Secrets of Playboy [hulu] and it was absolutely BANANAS. I feel so bad because I used to watch {and love} Girls Next Door, so to watch this and see how sick and twisted Hugh Hefner and the Playboy empire were...was very upsetting. This documentary is done so well and it's so good...but very hard to watch.

This last one...I'm 15 years late to the party on, but I am finally watching Friday Night Lights. What's funny is they filmed this in the Austin area and a lot of it was filmed in my hometown, where I was living at the time. They used our gym, football field, our coaches were extras, they used our school colors and mascot...and I never watched it! It is a fun high school show, and I'm definitely enjoying it!!

I know this isn't a huge list of shows I'm recommending, but it is for me! Anything fun you're watching I should add to my list?!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I think I watched the first episode of Friday NIght Lights and no more..ha! I might have to try that murders in the building show. And I'm pretty sure I have mentioned Indian Matchmaking to you lots! It's a great show (netflix).

Emily said...

Ooooh I'd love to watch the Playboy documentary! I also watched Girls Next Door (not religiously, but have seen a couple episodes) and reading Holly's memoir was very eye-opening to how gross that empire really was (I will never not think of the playboy mansion as one giant dog urinal). The documentary is probably horrifying.