Thursday, June 6, 2019


In case you missed the other 17 times I mentioned it {grin}, Tuesday night I saw Hamilton!

Plot: A sung-and-rapped-through musical about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

Review: Holy SH*T. MIND BLOWN! I cannot rap my brain around the genius it takes to create something as amazing as Hamilton. The music is some of the best I've ever heard, and I was mesmerized from the first second to the very end. I normally feel like a musical that is 100% singing can get tedious, but I could have sat through another 2 hours from this production. All 8 of us that went loved it and in our various cars going home were all listening to the soundtrack. I cannot say enough good things about this musical and hope everyone gets the chance to see it!

My sister and I were discussing what we would say was our favorite musical ever, and I have to say I'd still say Wicked is my favorite of all-time, but I think a piece of that is due to the nostalgia of that being my first Broadway production and the experience as a whole being magical. I think I want to have a 1A and 1B. {grin} My sister said Hamilton is her #1. I've seen almost 15 productions either on Broadway or through Broadway across America, so I'm no expert, but I think I've seen enough for my opinion to matter a little. {grin}

Sneaking a selfie in the theater with my boo
{Not pictured is the usher scolding us, ha}

Anyone else seen Hamilton?


Natasha said...

No, but I absolutely want to! I'm glad to hear it lived up to the hype.

I would say either Les Mis (which I saw on Broadway twice) or Come From Away (which we saw in Toronto) is my favourite musical ever.

Kathryn Bagley said...

One of my friends just saw in in Chicago and said it was really good. Phantom is and will always be my fav :)