Monday, June 10, 2019

And That's a Wrap: SCHOOL'S OUT!

The last 2 weeks have been a bit nuts over here with Paige's swim lessons and the amount of my day that ate up, so I am just now getting around to blogging about the end of school.

The last few weeks of school are always busy, but reason 4,382 that I love Montessori schools is they don't have a million activities at the end of the year. Yes, we had a few extra things, but it wasn't insane.

First, let's talk about Paige! This is our one kid that had no change this year. She was at the same school and same class as she ended last year, so she was thrilled to go back to school! She loves her teacher and all her friends. It is a joy to drop her off because she practically jumps out of the car and all the teachers love her. She will start next year in the same class and is already ready to go back. {grin}

20 months {8/18} vs. 2.5 {5/19}
*Forgot to take her picture on her last day of school, this is T and D's last day*

Drew was at a new school and in a new class this year {she moved to Goodwater, where Trent is}, and she totally rocked it! She had a little bit of an adjustment period at the start of the year, but her teacher had such great things to say about her - she was a leader in the class, such a helper, and just really blossomed. She is reading mostly - I would say in a Magic Treehouse book, I have to correct about 25% of her words - and is doing a lot of math. She is so ready for Lower Elementary! She also had perfect attendance and got a little certificate - she was really proud of that!

8/18 vs. 5/19
*I tried to convince her to wear her first day of school dress again. No dice.*

One of the things they do when you move levels {in Montessori you are in the same class for 3 years} is have a 'Bridging Ceremony' - not really a graduation but just a small ceremony to celebrate moving up.

All the Kindergarteners ready to move onward

Ms. Nicole was the best teacher - I hope Paige can have her!

Drew's trip over the bridge

Refused to put on the cap & gown for a pic.
And of course had to stick out her tongue!

Last but not least, Trent finished his first year in Upper Elementary! This was his first year with a male teacher, and I don't know if it was having a man or who that man was, but Trent had a GREAT year! Was it perfect? Of course not, this IS still Trent we're talking about {grin}, but I would say this is the best year he's ever had. The wheels started falling off the last few weeks with several incident reports and emails from his teacher, but we limped over the finish line! Trent has really matured a lot this year and is really enjoying school - he rarely complains about going {which used to be a CONSTANT}, is engaged in lessons, has some good friends, and has learned a lot. We're still anxiously awaiting his STAAR results, but whatever those results say, I know he had a great year!

8/18 vs. 5/19
*I hate that Chewbacca shirt so much.*

Now we get to enjoy the next 2.5 months! Sleeping late, lots of swimming, basketball for Trent, ballet and tap for the girls, park adventures, time with cousins - I can't wait!

Next up: 5th and 1st grades!


Natasha said...

I'm so glad to hear about Trent's great year! That must feel so encouraging!

Also, when you said fifth grade was up next for Trent, I thought "Wow! I thought he and Sam were the same age." and then I realized Sam will be in fifth grade next year too and my stomach dropped. HOW did THAT happen?!?!?!? Yikes!!!!

I hope you all have a great summer! We're limping to the school finish line over here right now -- All. The. Things.

Kathryn Bagley said...

That last pic of P in her suit-she is starting to look like Drew (i think!) Sounds like it was a great year!!

Emily said...

I love that Trent had a male teacher and I wish more schools hired men. My sister had a kindergarten male teacher and he was one of her all-time favorites. Our school unfortunately has no male elementary teachers other than the tech teacher. My dream would be for one of my kids to have a black male teacher but that might be a reach for our very white school district!