Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Celebration Time: Trent Style!

I don't have a 10-year-old yet {HOLD ME}, but we celebrated Trent's birthday on Saturday, and Trent had a pretty perfect day if you ask me! Friends, basketball, Nerf guns, iPad games, swimming, a movie, all the snacks he could handle...

First, he had a basketball game in his summer league, and this kid loves him some basketball. Miles and Papa came to watch, and he played all but 5 minutes of the game, scored 8 of their 36 points, and his coached name him Team MVP of the game - I'd say that's a great start to your birthday party day!


We kept his party simple this year, as we do most years, and had 2 friends plus Miles come over. Asa has been in the same classes with Trent on-and-off since they were 4, and they are great friends. Asa is moving to Omaha for the next handful of years, and we're going to miss him so much! Asa couldn't spend the night because it was his last weekend with his dad before his move, but we packed in as much fun as we could before he had to go home.

Everybody brought Nerf guns over... Checking out the merchandise!

The other boy who came over is Jaxon - he is our neighbor's grandson, and he and Trent are SO close, and it is the cutest little friendship!

It's WAR time!

Preparing for a boy party is so easy...
Juice, chips, and goldfish were all Trent wanted!

Watching Dumb and Dumber. They all loved it...sigh.

We went to the pool in the neighborhood and didn't know they were having a luau, so there was an awesome water slide, fun snacks, games...the kids had a blast! Until lightning struck nearby and we had to call it a day.

I traded Patty Drew for Miles, so Paige was the only sibling at the party. She loved being with all the boys!

Living her best life

Crammed into the front of the golf cart!

Trent requested a sugar cookie cake, 
but he wouldn't let me put candles on it or sing. Boo!

I had the boys sleep in the living room so they could be loud and not wake Paige up. We heard them until about 11:15, but I'm not really sure when they went to sleep, and Trent said they got up at 6:30 for more video game time. I did kick them outside for some more Nerf time because I'm mean like that!

Trent had such a great time, but he was so exhausted. He stayed home when I went to my parents to get Drew back and give Miles back to my sister, and Brent texted me at 5:00 that he was asleep, and homeboy slept until 7:00 Monday morning! I can't wait to spoil him a little more on Sunday! {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Sounds like a great birthday!!