Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Currently: Fun in the Summer Sun Rain

Current Book

Just starting this...

Current Song

The Bones by Maren Morris - 
did a routine at Jazzercise to this song and immediately downloaded it.

Current TV Show

25-year-old Allena is mortified. 
38-year-old Allena is embarrassed but loving this.

Current Drink

Nespresso coffee

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I keep buying songs from Jazzercise [as evidenced above].
I think I've bought 4 in the last month?
The songs are all current, but I feel somewhat like I'm 90!

Current Outfit

I worked out twice today, so I was gross and in exercise clothes ALL DAY.
There's a challenge at Jazzercise, and it's really helping me go a lot!

Current Celebrity Crush

Hmm...I got nothing right now.

Current Mood

All sorts of frazzled.
Even though we're a month into summer, 
it still feels very unsettled during the day.
Hoping it settles down soon!

Current Anticipation

How is this baby turning 10 on Sunday?

Current Wishlist

To win the Jazzercise challenge!
You and a partner are trying to get 80 classes between June and July.
It averages out to 4.5 classes/week/person.
3 weeks in, I've got 4 times/week, so this week I'm aiming for 6 - 
that would put me exactly back on track!
The prize is a bag with a beach towel and other small things, 
so I'm not doing it for the stuff, ha.

ALSO, if you hit 150 classes/year, you get a tank top, and I want that too!

Current Film

Susie and I've been talking about seeing this.
Allison - you in?

Current Picture

I hate that she had to have a filling, but homegirl KILLED it.
She didn't even flinch with the shot and asked at the end
'I thought I was getting a shot.'
Also, I now know what Drew would be like stoned. {grin}


Natasha said...

Rachel LOVES the song Rocketman and is so sad that we won't take her to the movie! Ha!

And it sounds like you're killing it on the Jazzercise challenge. Way to go!!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love the challenge idea!! Jonas Brothers..ha!