Friday, May 3, 2019

Five on Friday

Guess who is going to see Hamilton?
Broadway Across America will be bringing this to Austin this summer,
and me and 7 other lovely ladies will be going. SO EXCITED!!


I read this article on benefits of outside time for children
and the impact into adulthood.
It was posted in the big kids' school's parent FB page.
I love reading things like this as it motivates me to keep up
with our increased outside time!!

We got new neighbors last week.
It's a sad story because our neighbor's husband died 2 years ago,
and the wife didn't want to stay in the home they built together for their retirement years alone.

Our new neighbors are amazing for a couple of reasons:
1) they are co-owners of a whiskey bar about to open on our town square
2) they have 3 teenage daughters who like to babysit - 
I'm hoping one (two? three?) of them will be our summer nanny - eek!
How great would that be to just walk next door for your job?

I briefly mentioned that we signed Paige up for swim lessons.
These are the same ones we did with Trent and Drew.
Where you throw the kids in the pool if they won't jump in.
At the first class, all FOURTEEN kids were crying and screaming.
And Trent kept running away.
BUT by the end of it Trent was AMAZING, 
and Drew could make it across the pool for the most part.
I know Paige is a year younger than Drew when she did this,
but that child will jump in the pool whether you are watching her or not.
I'm nervous about how the experience will go -
I think she'll be happy to be swimming 
but I could see her freaking out once the other kids are crying.
I was watching videos from the big 2s lessons...took me back ha!


Something exciting is supposed to be happening today.
I'm hopefully meeting Erika!
I've been reading her blog for years, and she's in Austin.
And I basically begged her to meet up.
It'll be my first time to meet a blog friend IRL!!


Natasha said...

I so want to see Hamilton. That sounds amazing!!!

And Erika was my first blog friend to meet IRL and she was awesome! I'm so jealous you get to see her!!! Have so much fun!!!

Emily said...

(not in order) 1. LOVE THAT ARTICLE! (of course you knew I'd eat that up) This spring weather has me so motivated to be outside and I keep discovering cool new places. 2. I'm still so behind in Hamilton! That said, I'm picking up the book soon at the library (the book Lin Manuel read before creating it) so that's my start. 3. New neighbors who own a whiskey bar and have babysitting-eligible kids? JACKPOT. 4 & 5. Yay for swim lesssons and meeting blog friends IRL. Maybe someday that will be us!

Erika said...

SO JEALOUS about Hamilton!!! That is so amazing!! I mean, not as amazing as meeting ME, but pretty amazing. Bahahaha. :) So glad we got to make it happen...and by that I mean YOU made it happen!!! I am getting close to the end of No Such Thing as Bad Weather and I love it but I also feel so guilty. I need to figure this one out. Bahaha.