Tuesday, May 7, 2019


I have so many random things to blog about - none are enough to blog about individually, but there are a lot of thoughts running around in my head!

1) I am finally making progress on weaning Paige! I have really made zero effort to this point because I felt like I needed Brent to step in and do all her naps and bedtimes until we got her to break the nursing/sleep association because I thought she was going to lose her mind if I tried to put her to sleep without nursing. I decided to just try this weekend and told her my milk was gone for naps but she could still have it at bedtime. She listened and seemed to understand, so we read books, and she got in my lap and immediately said 'Milk'. I reminded her that it was gone until bedtime, and she fussed for maybe 15 seconds and THEN PUT HER THUMB IN HER MOUTH AND LET ME SING! Couldn't have gone better! We've now had 2 naps without nursing, a smidge of fussing, but no nursing!!!!!!! Obviously we have to tackle bedtime still but baby steps and we are making progress!!!!

2) Speaking of Paige, I had her end-of-year Parent-Teacher Conference, and I talked to her teacher about when Paige will transition next year. She's been in her current class since 14 months, and Paige will move up around 3 to the Children's House environment. Her teacher told me the plan is for her to move in the fall to Trent's old teacher {who we love} and said 'Basically any teacher who gets her will be getting a gift-wrapped present.' SWOON. And I feel like after all the trouble Trent caused his old teacher, I'm thankful we can end our career at CMS with her having Paige, HA!

3) Meeting Erika on Friday! Guys! We had so much fun! I got teased a little bit about meeting someone off the internet, but it was totally worth all the teasing. {grin} I got us coffee from a local coffee shop and we just sat and talked about...amongst other things...you guessed it...BOOKS!

4) Trent is going to cause me to have a nervous breakdown. He's not even 10, and the sass and back-talking I'm getting from that kid is going to drive me CRAZY. I sent him to bed last night at 7:30 and when he said he wasn't tired I told him he could close his eyes and think about all the ways that he could be nice to me. His response? 'Why would I want to do that?' UGGGGHHHHH.

I'm terrible at ending blog posts. So how about a cute picture of my girls from Paige's end of year party at school?? {And yes, Paige's pants - which aren't hers - are inside out. Toddlers are FUN!}


Erika said...

Hooooray for meeting up!!! And that coffee was SO good. I miss it. :( Also, love that Paige is a little gift-wrapped present...how sweet!!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

How fun you got to meet one of your readers!