Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring Survey

Copying this survey from Emily - I thought this was a perfect way to start off spring. Is it just me or did January feel like it lasted 6 months - it always does, and now I'm in shock it's April??

1. What three colors remind you of spring?

Basically pastels. This also reminds me of Easter. Pastel blue, green, pink, yellow, green...I know that's more than 3 but just the softer version of all colors.

This just screams SPRING to me!!!

2. What is the first thing you add to your spring wardrobe?

This is a hard one to answer since Texas winters can have plenty of days that are warm. I guess I would say the consistent wearing of flip-flops?

3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in the springtime?

Sweaters - even in winter I wear a lot of short-sleeved shirts and just add a sweater or hoodie. In the spring, I just wear the short-sleeved shirt without the added layer.

4. Who mows the grass where you live?

A yard service! I have help clean inside, and Brent has help outside! I really love this too because at our old house, Brent would mow typically twice a week, and he is so particular about his lawn, it would be a multi-hour ordeal. So I'm solo-parenting but he's doing manual labor - neither of us enjoyed that!

5. What's spring like where you live?

Cool in the morning and warm to hot in the evening. As I mentioned on Wednesday, Drew is extremely frustrated right now because of the need for leggings or a light hoodie in the morning, but she's hot in the afternoon.

For example, today the low is 49 and the high is 81!

6. What's your favorite thing about spring?

The return of color! We go from a blah, gray landscape - the sky is gray, the grass is dead, there are no flowers to gorgeous yellow sunshine, bright green grass, and flowers exploding everywhere! I drive a lot starting at the side of the road at all the beautiful flowers - almost like when Christmas lights first come on, ha!

Who am I kidding? Bluebonnets are my favorite thing about spring!

7. Are you a spring cleaner?

Nope, I don't do anything special. Most of our true cleaning is done by our cleaning lady, and I just do little things in between her coming - mainly trying to keep the house picked up, vacuuming with my cordless vac every few days, wiping off counters...that kind of stuff. I save the deep cleaning for her.

8. Are you a baseball fan?

Nope. It's funny because Brent's mom is a HUGE baseball fan - she's had season tickets to the Texas Longhorns baseball games for over 20 years, and Brent also loves Texas baseball, but I don't care at all.

9. Tulips or daffodils?

Since I don't know what a daffodil looks like, I guess I have to say tulips. Ha!

10. Favorite outdoor spring activity?

Just the fact that we can play outside without being SO HOT which will happen by mid-May. I love swimming, which I guess we start doing while it's technically spring, but I consider that our main summer activity.

11. Flowers in the ground or pots?

Ground. I have killed every potted plant I've ever owned. EVER. I love when our flowerbeds are full of beautiful flowers! Although we have to be careful what we plant {or really I should say what Brent plants} because we have deer everywhere and they eat most plants. Some day we'll fence in our backyard and do more plants back there.

12. Favorite bird?

Never once thought about this in my life.

13. Car wash or wash vehicle at home?

Car wash - the twice a year I wash my car.

14. When do you pull out your sandals?

I never put them away, it just goes from wearing them periodically to wearing them every day. I have 2 pairs of Old Navy flip-flops {one black, one brown} that I will wear 99% of the next 6 months. They are super cheap and last year I had a silver pair that I wore every day and at the start of this spring the sole separated. So yeah, flip-flops are my favorite.

My black pair! {$8 I might add!} LOVE.


Kathryn Bagley said...

I'm ready for sandal weather but it's dang 40 in the morning!

Emily said...

Yesterday was my blogging day and today is my day to catch-up on blogs I haven't read so I'm way behind on this. I've heard so many moms express the same thing about lawn mowing service - the solo parenting by the mom while the dad mows, more than makes up for the cost of the service! Also, I LOL'ed about the daffodils - they must be native more to the northeast because we have daffodils EVERYWHERE; they spring up on the side of the road in little clusters (not fields like your bluebonnets) and they are the very first thing to appear in springtime, so their presence is extra exciting to me. Lastly, a classic sign of southern living: you only have to wash your car twice a year (dying over this). Up here with salt on the roads, I have to wash my car all winter long to prevent corrosion (and general disgustingness of being caked in salt), but I never wash it in the summer.