Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Drew the Diva

Brent and I were having a little laugh the other day about the Drama that is our Drew. I wanted to share some stories to paint a picture of what it's like in our household right now.

Yes, she's dramatic, but isn't she also so darn cute?!?!

We're in the season of cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Monday morning she was crying because she wanted to wear leggings in the morning and shorts in the afternoon, so she didn't know what to wear.

She asked me to buy her 'real' shorts instead of all the biker shorts she has. I reminded her that she has had numerous pairs of shorts {all hand-me-downs thankfully} over the last 4+ years that she has refused to wear. But it's MY fault she doesn't have any shorts now. sigh

Brent and I have each had multiple conversations telling her we're never going to know when something is really wrong or she's really hurt because she cries SO much that we tune her out. She's like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, except she's just the Girl Who Cried.

Brent and I had the following text exchange about why our kids cry:
Trent: seriously hurt
Paige: gets hurt or doesn't get her way
Drew: feelings are hurt, maybe a little bit physically hurt, doesn't like her clothes, someone else is loud, she's scared, someone else is in trouble, really hurt, she's sad - all said by me - and Brent responded with 'the wind blows'. Yup.

We were talking about all the clothes Paige has that used to be Drew's but are brand new because 2-year-old Drew refused to wear them. She told me 'If I were 2 now, I'd wear all the clothes you bought me.' I promptly followed that up with asking her why she doesn't wear half the clothes I bought her that are currently hanging up in her closet {that she picked out}. No response from her...

After all this, Brent sent me a video clip of a Jeff Foxworthy show where he talks about being a father to 2 girls, and he said 'I spend half my life trying to figure out what people are crying about.' which Brent felt really summed up his life right now.

All jokes aside, she really is the sweetest girl with the biggest heart...if we could just get ALL the tears to stop! {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

the wind blows..ha! Drew is a cutie :)

Emily said...

“The wind blows” LOL Aaron’s best school friend has a 4yo little sister who cries over every single little thing. We can be at the park for an hour and I’ll hear her bawl her eyes out at least 5 times. The mom is a very sweet, comforting [also helicopter, but that’s less relevant ] mom and she’s very patient with these outbursts. I don’t know how she or you have the patience for that shit! Lol