Thursday, April 18, 2019

I Wonder Why I'm Tired: A Timeline

Don't ever let someone say being a parent is boring. Just when you think things are settling down, there's always something fun that gets sprung on you. This weekend was one of those times where I just had to laugh at the curveball of parenting.

Friday night:
10:50pm - I go to sleep. I had been reading in bed and couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.
10:54pm - Yes, literally 4 minutes later, Paige starts crying. I go in there and she wants milk, so we nurse for a few minutes and I put her back in bed. [Yes, I'm weaning her. No, I don't know how to stop her bedtime or occasional middle-of-the-night nursing.]
12:15am - Paige wakes up again. I just snuggle her for a minute, don't let her nurse, and put her back in bed.
2:30am - Paige wakes up AGAIN. What is going on? I go in her room AGAIN and don't let her nurse so get out of there in a few minutes. Brent had been at our neighbor's house and came home at some point and is snoring like a freight train on the couch. 
7:00am - Drew comes into our room with a bloody nose, her 4th of the week. It lasts for AN HOUR, so I turn the TV on for her to watch Nick Jr. because I am exhausted.

Saturday night:
Paige has trouble settling down so I have to go in there twice - once within about 30 minutes of putting her down and the second time in the middle of night. I don't understand how she can sleep through the night for weeks on end and then have several bad nights in a row?

Sunday night:
8:00pm - Paige goes to bed and Brent and I start Game of Thrones!!!
8:15pm - The WiFi is spotting and we can't get the show to work. Ugggggh.
8:30pm - We move into the living room to see if that receiver is working better. It is! We start the episode!
8:35pm - PAIGE IS CRYING!!! Are you kidding me?
8:45pm - Thankfully I have her down and she stays down the rest of the night! And we get to watch the whole episode!

Paige is really lucky she didn't mess TOO much with my TV watching. {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

So sorry! You could have a cat that meows at 3:30 am on the dot EVERY SINGLE morning thinking it's feeding time (when it's not!)

Emily said...

The title of this made me laugh so hard. Parenting is ridiculous. There's no rhyme or reason to why these small creatures do what they do.