Friday, March 1, 2019

Five on Friday

Earwax Cleaner

So this is kind of gross but kind of cool, ha.
Trent inherited an earwax buildup problem,
and we've had to go to the doctor several times to have his ears cleaned.
One time, they used this spray bottle to wash his ears out, and it was so cool.

So I bought one! It's fun to squirt his ears clean, haha.


Shower Mold

I guess today is the day for gross stories!
We had some mold in our shower, and the only way I knew to get of it was bleach.
I bought some but was dreading spending some time scrubbing.
The smell, the harshness, yuck!
My sister told me to buy toilet bowl cleaner with bleach in it, 
squirt it on the mold and let it set overnight.
I wanted to share in case anyone else ever faced that and needed an easy solution.

Amazon Clothes

I briefly mentioned this the other day, but I'm seriously thinking
about buying clothes on Amazon.
Anyone done this?

I have this internal struggle of being at home all day -  
so not wanting to spend a lot of money on clothes - 
but also not wanting to wear yoga pants every day either.
I feel put together when I'm dressed in real clothes!

I've found some cute {in pictures} and cheap stuff on Amazon,
and I'm thinking of buying. Is that dumb?
Once I pull the trigger, I'll share what I bought and see what y'all think.

Wall Paint

Ever since we built our house, I've hated our wall paint...
you know - the color I PICKED and had painted throughout our entire house.
Brent and I are finally going to get parts of the house repainted - 
I have a friend who WANTS to do it, ha.

We're basically doing one half - ignoring the kids' side.
Everyone will be changing rooms within the next 6-12 months,
and I will eventually let them pick paint colors.

Here's what I think we're doing:

Most likely #1...what do y'all think?


I just discovered the way I like beer!
With lemonade!
Did y'all know this is a drink?
We like this brewery in our town because it's family friendly - 
they have a HUGE outdoor space with games.
We've gone a couple of times with friends, and everyone has had fun.

I don't like beer, but Brent bought me a shandy to try,
and it is definitely my jam.
Does this surprise anyone? Add sugar, and I'll probably like it!

I've seen them in cans too around town, so I think this will be a fun summer drink!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I like #2 for paint colors! Also you know I am a huge lula fan but I've been more in love with Agnes and Dora which is their sister company. I know you don't get on facebook much but they have buy/sell/trade groups so i hardly pay full price for any of it! All the clothes are super soft and comfy-and can be dressed up or down!

Erika said...

I like paint #1!! And I'm weirdly intrigued by the earwax squirty thing, hahaha.

Emily said...

1) So weird, lol. 2) Our house sellers had previously caulked our master bath shower with clear caulk OVER other caulk, and doing so causes mold to grow in between. My cleaning lady has scrubbed, bleached, etc; nothing. It can only be removed if we actually remove all the caulk, which I'm not doing so it just sits there until we gut the bathroom in 2 years. EW. 3) I know a couple of people who love amazon fashion; the key I've heard is reading the reviews extensively. 4) What do you hate about your wall paint? Is it too light? Too dark? Tinted? I like cool colors and thus prefer #4 because its the coolest of them all, versus 1-3 with warm tones. But 4 seems almost identical with what you currently have, which you don't like. 5) Shandy has been around FOREVER lol. Have you ever had Leinenkugel's summer shandy? It's the easiest "beer" to drink.

Natasha said...

Now I want an earwax squirter. I would LOVE to use that!

I like paint colour #4 because I don't like anything too dark.

And I am definitely going to have to check out a shandy. I had a taste of a sour ale last week and those will not be my new favourite. Otherwise, I will stick to my light vodka Palm Bay drinks :)