Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Day in the Life: March 17, 2019

It's been over a year since I've done a DITL post, and I was doing it quarterly for a while, and I'm mad I've let this slide. I really think these are fun to look back on, so I hope I can get my act together and do them quarterly again!

***************Sunday, March 17, 2019***************

Brent is 38 3/4
Allena is 38 1/2
Trent is 9 1/2
Drew is 6
Paige is 2

I woke up at 6:00, 7:00 and finally 7:45 - the kids are still sleeping in some after the time change and Spring Break and I'm not hating it. I started reading for a little bit {Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness}.

8:10am - Paigey starts fussing. When I go to get her out of bed, Drew comes out of her room too. I get Paige, and the 3 Gurley gurls get back into our bed next to Brent. Paige nurses {which annoys Brent...we're discussing weaning but it hasn't started yet}, and we snuggle. Trent comes in next, and all 5 of us lounge for a few minutes. We discuss breakfast and decide on cinnamon rolls and bacon - a pretty typical Sunday breakfast.

8:30am - I start making breakfast, Trent negotiates getting ready right away for a some screen time {and additional chores after church}, and the girls play with Play-Doh.

We spend the next hour eating breakfast and getting ready. It's always hectic and I never seem to manage our Sunday mornings well. We agreed yesterday that everybody would wear green for St. Patrick's Day - you kind of have to when you go to St. Patrick's church haha.

9:40am - Leave for church. We play the 'song game' on the way where the kids take turns picking songs. It's the easiest way to keep peace. Trent loves Marshmello right now and some random song called 'Rockefeller Street' and Drew is back into Taylor Swift's '1989' album. Paige basically wants 'Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed' on repeat but calls it 'Two Monkeys' - so cute.

Marshmello 'Alone'

9:55am - Arrive at church. Hustle inside.

10:00am - Mass starts. I'm doing one of the readings today and OMG accidentally start reading the wrong one. About 1 line in I realize I'm reading the wrong thing and say 'oops, this is the wrong reading'. I was mortified. The kids were great, which is a rare occurrence.

11:10am - Church is over, and we don't stay long before heading home. We have Miles and Blair's birthday party today and I want Paige to get a nap before we go. 

More song game on the way home, and Paige is SO tired and grumpy. She would scream and cry when it was anyone's turn but hers, and we cracked up when it was Trent's turn because she screamed 'I don't want Bubba's turn. I don't like 'Mello!'

11:35am - Get home and get Paige down for a nap and give the big kids their picking up jobs. Paige was a big mess so that was a super fun naptime experience.

12:00pm - Have her down and start picking up some too.

12:20pm - Susie calls and she and the boys took a cruise on their golf cart and stopped to visit. We talk about clothes for the Dell Match Play which is next week!

12:45pm - They leave and I come back inside. The kids are enjoying their screen time.

1:00 pm - I clean up a little more, and start to do a little bit of work and start this post. I watch Grimm while I work - I started season 5!!

2:00pm - Wake up Paige so we can go to Patty's. She eats a few snacks and needs a little bit of time to take her sack off, but she's faster than normal because she is excited to go to Aunt Patty's and see her cousins.

2:20pm - We are on the road! We play the song game most of the way there and the kids are all actually pretty darn good.

3:00pm - I stop at Summermoon Coffee Bar - I have heard rave reviews about this local coffee place, and there's one on the way to Patty's. They are known for their 'moon milk' but no one knows what is in it. I get her a latte and myself a chai. Her latte is actually better than my chai! The latte was insanely good.

3:10pm - Paige needs to potty, so we pull off the road and I let her pee in the grass because I don't want to get everyone out to go at a gas station or something. #whitetrash

3:25pm - We get to Aunt Patty's!!!!! The short version is for the next 2.5 hours we eat, drink, play, and enjoy time with family. But you know I'll break it down a little more than that. {grin}

3:45pm - Kids are already trying to get screen time, ha.

Traditional Chai Selfie!!!

Swope girls!

4:00pm - Dad takes Paige outside - she wanted me to take her, but she's been ignoring Dad a lot, and he's been sad about it, so he snatched her.

Blair got a gymnastics bar for her birthday from Patty and David

Paige sliding with Pops!

4:15pm - She's back and wants to play on the trampoline with me.

Paige got the phone, ha

4:30pm - Blair wants to open our gift - clothes - she loves everything! Yay! Paige helped me pick everything out.

5:00pm - Paige wants to play downstairs, so I take her downstairs. Drew and Blair are setting up some sort of plan for being spies, and Paige plays with babies, climbs up and down the bunk bed, and is pretty much adorable. I do read a little bit while she's playing, ha.

5:20pm - Back outside!

5:30pm - We eat! My dad bar-be-qued pork on Saturday, so we had pulled pork and all sorts of sides. My sister is an amazing cook.

6:00pm - Happy birthday to Miles and Blair!

6:15pm - I try to round everyone up to leave, but there is lots of crying since Blair and Miles haven't opened their presents. I relent since all 3 of them are plotting against me!

Miles has had 'The Meltdown' {Diary of a Wimpy Kid} for months,
Trent was so excited to get it back!!

6:35pm - We leave! Paige randomly has a nosebleed {her first} on the way home. We take a detour by my in-laws to borrow some sewing pins as we're making an apron for Paige's class project for the school auction. I won't let the kids out, but Nana and Papa come out to tell everyone hi. Paige kept saying 'Get me out!' so Nana promised to come visit Monday.

BLUEBONNETS!!! They never get old!

7:35pm - We make it home. 

Hello house! {Weird coloring is due to my windshield ha}

I have to take Paige's car seat out because it's full of crumbs - Drew gave her the leftovers of her cupcake and she destroyed it. 

7:45pm - Paige doesn't want to come inside, Drew is trying on the hand-me-down clothes she got from Blair, Trent is hungry...basic bedtime insanity. Paige's nose is still occasionally dripping blood, so I make lunch for tomorrow while everyone eats and Paige's nose dries up.

8:10pm - Brent is home!!! 

He went to a funeral today and met up with our friends/neighbors at the country club after he got back. Of course it turns into pandemonium - Daddy is always SO MUCH FUN when Mom is trying to get everyone ready for bed. 

Brent asks Paige 'Who is your favorite?' and Paige kept answering 'Mommy' so he passed her to me to put her to bed, but then Paige wanted to keep playing, so then Brent asked again 'Who is your favorite?' and her response was so hilarious - 'Mo- Daddy'. She's a smart one!

8:30pm - I put Paige to bed. 1 book, nursing, a song...into bed she goes. She's so tired she doesn't make another sound.

9:00pm - I start pinning the fabric for the apron at the kitchen counter. I am such a slow pinner, but since we're just making 1 apron, there isn't a ton to pin.

9:15pm - I turned on Grimm and move to the living room.

9:45pm - I've pinned as much as I can - I have questions for my mother-in-law - and continue working on this post.

10:10pm - I do a little bit of work. I can hear Brent snoring in the other room. This is going to be a super fun night.

10:30pm - I turn off and get ready for bed. Brent is still snoring on-and-off, so I have to nudge him - slightly forcefully if I'm being honest ha. I peruse Instagram for a little while and then continue to read my book.

11:38pm - Lights out! Good night!

I hope I sure don't go another year before doing this again - it's a lot of work, but I really enjoy looking back at them.


Natasha said...

Whew, you had a busy day! Our kids take turns with songs too while drying dishes and it can get to be a handful. I'm scared to listen to Trent's favourite because Sam will likely LOVE it too! Ha!

And I love DITL posts. I haven't done one for awhile so now I'm feeling inspired. Maybe tomorrow???

Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun day!

Erika said...

I just wanna know if you are mailing me one of those cupcakes because they look AMAZING. And Millie has that same nightgown Paige is wearing towards the end- with sea creatures and mermaids. I love it!!

Emily said...

This reminds me I need to update our morning routine post since it’s changed from the beginning. Also, I almost fell over when I saw you go to bed at 11:30! It just feels so late although in retrospect it’s only 1-1.5 hours later than I do.

Kathryn Bagley said...

I also forgot to say one thing-Season 5?!?!?! I'm still on Season 2! ha!