Monday, March 18, 2019

Spotlight on 2019 Goals: Lose the Weight Already

I wanted to do a deep dive on a few of my 2019 goals for a few reasons: 1) so I wouldn't forget about them, 2) to explain some of why they were goals, and 3) to *hopefully* keep me accountable. 

Brent is reading the subject of this post and laughing hysterically at me. I'm not going to write a long, drawn-out excuses riddled commentary, but it boils down to: First, I love bad food but know a lot about food so I'm not dumb about what I'm doing to my body and second, I have almost no willpower. I can do good for a little while {for example, 2 rounds of Whole 30, my Faster Way to Fat Loss experience} but always end up sliding back into my old, bad habits.

The backstory on my current weight - I'm not ready, and may never will be, to share a number - is this: when we got pregnant with Paige, I was about 10-15 pounds heavier than where I like to be. After delivering Paige, thanks to post-partum, I lost all of my pregnancy weight by around the time I started Zoloft. By the time I got off Zoloft, I had gained 30 pounds {one of the lovely side effects} putting me a whopping 45 pounds above my happy weight. Fast forward 18 months and I've lost 10 of those pounds and yo-yo'd up and down another 10. It's MADDENING {at myself} haha.

So...with all that said...what am I going to do about it?

1) The one good thing I'm doing is jazzercise. I love going and am going consistently twice a week. I'm going to stick with twice a week for the cardio and am going to add weights 2 days a week - my sister showed me these online workouts where 1 day focuses on arms and another legs/core. I don't love working out and know it isn't the most important factor to weight loss. It's great for my heart, blood pressure, etc. etc. but this is never going to be the focus of my life.
2) I had really good success with macro tracking and carb cycling during the Faster Way to Fat Loss and am going to do that again. It was a touch strict, but was working, because I lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I don't think following it EXACTLY is a lifestyle I could maintain, but with a few tweaks it totally could be and for weight loss it really works.

That's basically it, ha. Goal #1 is a few months out, but I'd like to lose 15 pounds by Memorial Day weekend - the unofficial start to summer and I know we will be in the pool that weekend if not earlier. That's 10 weeks away, so that should be doable! Goal #2 is another 10 pounds by the end of summer and goal #3 is another 10 by the end of the year - gradually getting a little less strict to try and find a lifestyle I can manage.

I'm thinking I'll share updates maybe monthly? I don't want to go overboard posting about this topic, but I know accountability is a big factor to success. we go!


Hanna said...

If you aren't already, follow Kayla Itsines on FB and IG. I've done her workouts off and on for a few years now. She has her SWEAT app too. Love her stuff because it can all be done at home! Sounds like we both love to eat and hate exercising. ;-)

Kathryn Bagley said...

You can do it!

Emily said...

I feel ya on everything you wrote. Currently sitting at 20 lbs heavier than my happy weight (and still not pregnant) I’m also existing in that frustration. I, like you, am also very educated about food but have no willpower. Those girls who forget to eat? I hate them. I love food so much. All that said: GOOD LUCK

Natasha said...

Weight is so hard. Food control is so hard. I feel you on everything you wrote. Strength to you as you work to achieve your goal.