Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love is in the Air

As a precursor to Valentine's Day, I thought it'd be fun to answer a survey about Brent and me. You guys know I'm a sucker for a survey!

Let's talk about these 2 cuties!

Who's older? Brent {by not quite 3 months}
Who was interested first? Brent {He had my dad for Algebra and saw me after school in his class}
Married? Yes 
More sarcastic? Brent
Who makes the most mess? Me
Who has more tattoos? Neither, we both have zero, although I've always wanted one
Better singer? Neither of us is good, but I'd say Brent is better
Hogs the remote the most? Brent? We usually watch TV apart, ha.
Has the craziest exes? Neither, we're each other's first serious relationship
Better driver? Brent
Spends the most? Me
Smarter? Um...I want to say me, but it's probably Brent
Most common sense? Brent, hands down
What are your middle names? Kathleen {legally Swope} and Joseph
Whose siblings do you see most often? Mine
Do you have any children together? Yup, 3 little stinkers!
Did you go to the same school? High school but not college
Who is the most sensitive? Me, I've never seen Brent cry in the 22 years I've known him
Where do you eat out most as a couple? Blue Corn Harvest
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together? Turks & Caicos
Who has the worst temper? Me
Who does the cooking? Me mostly but that isn't a ton, he grills a decent amount
Who is more social? Brent
Who is the neat freak? Brent
Who is the most stubborn? Me
Who hogs the bed? Me - I stay in my space but I do steal covers
Who wakes up earlier? Brent
Where was your first date? Austin Powers movie date
Who has the bigger family? Toss-up, we each have 1 married sibling with 3 kids, extended family is Brent
Do you get flowers often? No
Who does the laundry? We each do our own, but I also do the kids'

Who's better with the computer? Equal? Neither of us is a genius but we both can do enough
Who drives when you are together? We split on long road trips but he drives most around town
Who picks where you go to dinner? We split

I'm going to share tomorrow something new I did with the big 2 this year for Valentine's Day that I thought was fun and they both seemed to really enjoy too. Hope everyone has a great Day of Love!


BG said...

Get a tan, hippie!

Emily said...

Yayyyyy another survey to steal! I laughed that Austin Powers was your first date, I’ve never seen it! I like how you are very nonchalant about some of these answers (who is smarter, who drives better) because those answers are a big gray area for us and I’m going to be writing paragraphs!

Natasha said...

Okay, I love this and I am totally stealing it. And it's funny to me which answers will be the same and which will be different :)

Is it bad that I don't really know what our first date was???