Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Currently: Oscars Time!

Current Book

Current Song

I still love this song! Shallow from A Star is Born

Current TV Show

Years ago I made it about halfway through Grimm.
I decided to restart it and watch the whole series. It's guilty fun.

Current Drink

I had a yummy Arnold Palmer earlier.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

As usual, that current drink! Ha!

Current Outfit

I took a shower with the girls tonight,
so I'm already in my pjs. It's a great look - 
plaid pajama pants and an old t-shirt of Brent's!

Current Celebrity Crush

One of the reasons I'm re-watching Grimm!

Current Mood

My sinuses are over Texas' winters.
It was literally 85 degrees last Friday and then dropped 40 degrees Saturday.

Current Anticipation

The Oscars are Sunday!
I'll post my votes on Friday!!

Current Wishlist

Guys, the things I've been looking for lately are SO fancy:
-new bathroom towels
-carseat for Paige for Brent's truck
-tennis shoes for Trent {how do boys mess up their shoes so fast?}

The one fun 'for me' thing - some new spring outfits!
I've found a few things I want on Amazon - anyone done clothes shopping there?

Current Film

Need to watch these ASAP! Then I'll hit all the Oscar films I can fit in.

Current Picture

If only all my laundry was this cute!


Emily said...

Input on the towels: after years of cycling through the big box stores (target and bed bath beyond) we finally invested in high quality towels from Parachute Home and LOVEEEE them. They have limited colors but since I prefer all-white towels I don’t mind. If I wanted more color, I’d splurge on Abyss towels from Bloomingdale’s; they are a fortune but come highly recommend. Also funny you mention Trent’s shoes because Aaron just destroyed his too. I was hoping to hold on until summer when we switch to permanent sandals but we may not make it. It’s so fun to watch money flying out the door right?

Kathryn Bagley said...

I have a couple towels from Norwex and they absorb water so quickly and dry super fast. I've been using Norwex products for a while and have been really happy with them! and yes Grimm!! :)

Natasha said...

I LOVE your current picture -- adorable!!! And how long until it's book review time?!?!?!