Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving Rewind 2017

We had a great Thanksgiving break - it was so hard to go back to work on Monday, and I'm counting down the days until the kids are out of school for our winter break!

I'll start the recap with Tuesday because the kids had a half day that day. I went to school for a lunch in Drew's and Paige's rooms. My plan was to sneak the food I 'prepared' {I heated up a ham and defrosted green beans} for Paige's class and then go to Drew's lunch first and then bring Drew to Paige's class. Well, Paige spotted me, so she came with me to Drew's lunch. I couldn't get Drew to sit still long enough to take a picture with me, but Paige was so happy to eat TWICE that I got pictures of her stuffing her face. {grin}

This girl LOVES her food.
[Left: in Drew's class Right: in Paige's class]

Trent's class had their feast the Friday before, but Trent missed out on it by getting sent home early for punching a kid in the face. UGH. BUT to be fair, he has had an AMAZING year so far this year - I CANNOT complain! So technically he was supposed to be in class all day Tuesday, but I pulled him out after lunch because I didn't want to have to go back to school 2 hours later to get him.

Wednesday, we started our Christmas decorating and enjoyed a lot of general laziness. Trent got a haircut at a new place in town which was cheap and awesome. He also had therapy in the afternoon.

Thursday, I actually started the day with Orange Theory Fitness! It was a REALLY hard workout, so I was glad to have gone. We went to Brent's Nannie's house for lunch and had a great time. I love her stuffing {dressing?} and Brent's Aunt Sassy's chocolate pie, so I was a happy girl! Paige slept late that morning, so we kept her up through lunch, and then headed to my parents' house to celebrate some more.

Last year at this time we were celebrating our last holiday as a family of 4.
Love LOVE love my complete family!!!
{I bought Drew the cutest pumpkin dress which she REFUSED to wear - we had a huge fight over it, and our compromise was that she would wear it for pictures. Her teen years are going to be so much fun.}

Trying to get a better picture not in so much shade.
Instead we got lots of shadows, ha.

Paige fell asleep in the literal 6 minute drive to my parents' house and then promptly proceeded to refuse to nap and SCREAM her head off, so she didn't end up napping until about 2:30 that afternoon and slept for 1 hour. Boo.

But while she did nap, I took Miles and Trent to the park to play. It was awesome because I sat on a bench and read my book while they played in the creek.

My dad came a little later with Drew, Blair, and my cousin, Dave's, 2 daughters. Drew, of course, fell in the water and drama ensued.

So I got to carry her home and get myself wet too!
But she sure is cute!! And yes, she is wearing a jack o' lantern tee.

And because we like nothing better than to cram lots of activities into a short period of time, we also celebrated my sister's birthday which was the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The BIG 4-0 is quickly approaching for this one!

Friday we got our tree up and finished decorating. YAYAYAYAY!! And please notice all the presents under the tree - I am about 75% done!!

In the evening we went to the lighting of our town square. My MIL went with us and we had so much fun. I hope we continue to do this every year. We did it a few years ago with Patty and David, but this was our first time to go since moving to Georgetown.

The best picture I got. Sigh.

We ate burgers after the lighting at Hat Creek. Yum!

I went to see Lady Bird with Allison Saturday, and Paige took a 4 hour nap!

So happy! {And cute!}

And one of my absolute favorite things about our neighborhood - we have a family that does some INSANE decorating for Christmas as a fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish foundation. We go by it a million times over Christmas, and I just think it is amazing. Santa comes 3 different times, so I hope we make it there for that as well this year!

Writing all that down, man we packed in a lot. But I loved every minute of it!


Emily said...

I realize this is not the point of the post but Trent really got sent home for punching? I realize that’s a no no and all, but really sent home???? I’m thinking to all those times Aaron bit/hit a kid or got bit/hit in return and there was a formal complaint lodged to the respective parents but no sending home. Then again, we have not yet embarked on public school so maybe their standards will be different.

Kathryn Bagley said...

Your Christmas tree looks amazing!!