Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Currently: Procrastination Station

Because I am lazy uploading Thanksgiving pictures, how about a round of Currently?

Current Book

Current Song

Taylor Swift New Year's Day

Current TV Show

Finally catching up on season 6!

Current Drink

Today I've had a chai, kombucha, and water. So balancing out the sugar I guess? Ha!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I can't think of anything right now?!?!

Current Outfit

Tee with a maxi skirt - no one should be shocked by this 'outfit', ha

Current Celebrity Crush

So excited season 5 has started!

Current Mood

IT'S CHRISTMASTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Anticipation

Paige's 1st birthday party is this weekend! While I am shocked she's almost one, I sure love a 1st birthday party! I think this one is going to turn out really cute if I do say so myself. {grin}

Current Wishlist

I really wish we could have outside lights on the house, but it's not in the budget this year.

I will just enjoy this house in our neighborhood about 50 times!

Current Film

Allison and I saw this over Thanksgiving.
About 20 minutes into it, she said 'I guess this isn't about the First Lady'. HA!

Current Picture

This is my 'I just ran 3 miles' face - WHICH ACCOMPLISHED A NOVEMBER GOAL!

What are you up to currently?


Kathryn Bagley said...

I am LOVING so many of these currents!! yay for 3 miles :)))

Anonymous said...

Glad we are getting back into our movies!!! -AP