Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Dork Level Infinity: 2018 Reading Challenge

Allison and I have done a couple of quarterly reading challenges in the past. We tried to do another one this summer, but we found the prompts too out there - I don't want to spend hours searching for books people! Well, I was perusing Popsugar I came across a year-long reading challenge. Allison accepted the challenge, and the winner buys the loser the first movie ticket and candy of 2019! Anyone else want to play? We could have some virtual prizes?

Lots of prompts, but I don't think anything is too crazy, and it'll make it for sure a challenge to get it all finished. Here's hoping Allison and I make it all the way to the Advanced section!


Erika said...

Oooh I did the Popsugar reading challenge in 2016!! I didn't finish it, but it was fun to try!

Anonymous said...

You're going down! Going to order all the candy! - AP

Emily said...

Holy crap this is impressive and way beyond my current reading rate. But hopefully you’ll discover lots of new books!