Friday, February 3, 2017

6 Week Postpartum Check-up

I had my 6 week postpartum checkup yesterday. Long story short, I am doing great! But I wanted to document a few things about my appointment.

First, physically my doctor said I am totally good. I was confident I was, but it's always nice to have an exam and get the same feedback. Paige's labor might have been the longest, but her delivery was the quickest, so I guess this is the upside!

Second, I wanted to talk to her about my emotional state. I filled out a survey when I got there related to postpartum, and my answers seemed to line up with being good. And I feel good. Not great but good, so I felt pretty good that she was going to have good thoughts for me too. Basically what I wanted to know was what her opinion was on my likelihood of postpartum anxiety developing. I know it can happen any time during the first year, BUT my history with Trent and Drew was it starting pretty quickly. With Trent, I was taking Zoloft by 5 weeks, and with Drew, by 6 weeks I was contacting a psychologist. So it seems like if I feel good with Paige and my history is it coming on early, then maybe I am not going to develop it this time? And Dr. Campaigne agreed! She said she didn't want me to think that my expectation was that it wouldn't happen in case it does come on, but she said she thinks I look and sound good. We also talked about the difference between 'coping' and 'winning' at life. Right now I don't think I'm 'winning' at life, but life is definitely not 'winning' over me. It is more like I'm 'coping' with it. And she said up until recently she was in the same boat {she has a 2 year old and a 4 month old} and now she feels like she's 'winning'. Ha. It was a great analogy and goes along with me feeling good but not great. But given my history, I think that in itself is great! Did any of that make sense??

And third, everyone thought Paige was adorable. #duh


Kathryn Bagley said...

So happy you had a good visit and you are feel good!! Paige's little beanie-too cute!!