Friday, January 27, 2017

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 4 Years!

Lots of stat posts this month. Come back tomorrow if this stuff bores you, but you know this CPA loves me some stats about my kiddos. {grin}

We had Drew's well check on 1/26, so here's how our little peanut is stacking up:

Height: 40" {38%}
Weight: 28 pounds {5%}
Clothes: 3T for shirts, 2T for dresses and leggings
Shoe size: 9

We have such a spirited daughter! She has grown so much in the last year but her personality has stayed pretty much the same - sweet AND sassy!

Drew is now fully potty trained and that is awesome. We do get her up once in the night before we go to bed, but it's nice to just have 1 in any sort of diapers!

She is still a great eater! Loves fruits and vegetables {especially stuff fresh out of Pops' garden} which I LOVE. She also loves sugar a little too much {like her mama}, but we just limit what she gets!

Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She loves everything girly - princesses, My Little Pony, ballerinas - but she also loves to get dirty and be rough with her daddy and brother. 

She still loves to snuggle and cuddle and be held. She's taken well to the change to where she can't be held by me nearly as much, but she's also eating up the extra attention she's getting from her daddy.

Drew still loves her bubba, but he gets annoyed with her quite often. She has a little circle of friends at school that she constantly talks about.

Drew loves to read. She likes puzzles okay and enjoys board games. We played Candyland a LOT this year. She got her first 2 Lego sets and thought she was big stuff to have sets like Trent.

Bedtime/staying in bed can sometimes be a challenge. Brent has gotten her to stay in her room better at bedtime just in the last few weeks, but before that it was at times rough. She still ends up coming in our room here and there in the middle of the night, but we're working on that {BRIBERY}.

She is a pretty good listener and minds MOST of the time. She wants to please Brent and me, but sometimes those little kid hormones take over and she can pitch a fit when she wants to. Definitely nothing like her brother could though!

I am so proud of how she did with swim lessons this summer. She was super scared the first day and then killed it. She was SO NERVOUS every day, but she just jumped in and swam. Love how brave she was! And now she's a little fish.

In the last month, Drew has stopped napping. It has made for some interesting evenings some days, but if she naps she's awake SUPER late driving us all crazy! Ha!

She is still very particular about her clothes, but we don't fight about them nearly as much. I learned how to make it easy on everyone - I take her shopping with me! That way she can pick what she likes from the get go and everyone is happy. We retired her beloved onesies! She still wears a shirt, leggings, and skirt most days. She loves to have her hair down with a headband.

She loves playing with her cousins and is constantly asking to see them. She also remembers that her aunt said she could spend the night when she was 4... She is eager for that sleepover!

She's finally forward facing in the car! But of course is already asking about a booster - she is always saying 'When I'm 7, can I ...' trying to grow up on me. Not so fast, little lady!

She loves being a big sister. She constantly wants to be holding Paige, touching Paige, helping me with Paige, talking to Paige. It is the sweetest. She is such a little nurturer.

Drew Kathleen is a great middle child. She loves her big brother and is so excited to be a big sister. She gives the best hugs and loves her tribe something fierce. And trust me when I say her tribe loves her back something fierce. I can't wait to see what is in store for this girl - she deserves the moon and more.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post for a sweet girl! - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Sweet Drew!