Sunday, January 22, 2017

DiTL: January 20, 2017

Since I am on maternity leave, most of my days involve holding a baby and watching TV which I didn't think would be too fun to document. {grin} So I picked a day where I wasn't sitting on the couch all day!

**********Friday, January 20, 2017**********

Brent and Allena are 36.
Trent is 7.5.
Drew is 4.
Paige {so fun that she is finally here!} is 1 day shy of 1 month.

Paige has been doing so good sleeping this week. Since Sunday she has gotten up only once a night - she goes down about 10:00 and sleeps until between 4:00 and 6:00. I try to get in bed as quickly as I can after she goes down to maximize a long stretch of sleep. So on Thursday night, she was down at 10:05, and I was in bed at 10:30.

3:00 AM - I roll over just as Brent is getting into bed. I wonder if he fell asleep on the couch for a while or watched TV that long. As I was getting into bed, he was starting Part 3 of Lonesome Dove which is one of our FAVORITE movies, so my guess is option 2. {Spoiler alert-he tells me later it was option 2!}

5:30 AM - Paige cries, so I go to nurse her. She is sleeping in our closet {which is a large room - original floor plan had it as the office, so don't worry that she's crammed somewhere!}, so it's easy to get to her quickly. She is a super twitchy baby, so it takes me a few tries to get her to stay asleep once I attempt to put her back in the rock 'n play. She nurses in probably 15 minutes and I spend another 30+ working on keeping her asleep. It takes me 2 tries. I also take my post-partum supplements while I'm up.

6:30 AM - Back in bed! Brent is taking the kids to school today, so I stay in bed until 7:00. I know I won't sleep, but it's nice to  just lay there.

6:40 AM - Drew comes into our room. We're working on her staying in her room in the night instead of coming into our room at all hours, but I can totally live with 6:40. She gets in bed, and we snuggle. We haven't done this since before Paige was born, and we used to do it all the time, so I think it was good for both of us. She asks if she can have her squirty fruits {in a few minutes} and asks about school. She's happy when she finds out it's Friday!

7:00 AM - Alarm goes off. Time to make the doughnuts! Drew is ready for her squirty fruits! I get T's breakfast {deer sausage} warmed up, put lunches into their bags {I have been so good about making them the night before}, get Drew dressed.

7:15 AM - Wake up  Trent. Have to go in a few times to really get him up. Give him his MTHFR meds. He tells me he's sick of deer sausage and asks to eat dry cheerios. I give in because hey, it's Friday! He also eats a squirty fruit. While both kids are at the kitchen counter, I brush hair and lay out their tooth brushes.

My breakfast! A breakfast casserole I made pre-Paige and froze. Yum!

7:30 AM - Wake Brent up. Take my liquid vitamins.

7:45 AM - Paige is up. It might be because her siblings wanted to be near her. And they aren't exactly quiet! 

Hey double chin!

7:55 AM - Brent leaves with the big kids, Paige nurses, I change her diaper and get her dressed for the day.

8:10 AM - I straighten my hair for the first time in 3 weeks. Lately I wash it every few days and blowdry it and that's it. I think it is long enough to continue my tradition of donating my hair post-baby to Locks of Love, and I am ready to cut it! Paige nurses a little more.

8:30 AM - Brent is home, and I get dressed. He's not working today because he has a slight bronchial infection {Drew was sick last week and passed a cold to him and Paige}, so his boss said to stay home until Monday.

Ready to go!

Telling Daddy bye! She totally has him wrapped. {grin}

8:50 AM - I leave with Paige to head to Brent's parents' house. His mom and I have a standing Friday date while I'm on maternity leave. Paige doesn't make a peep and falls asleep on the way. I listen to the Bobby Bones Show.

9:25 AM - Get to the in-laws' house. Paige wakes up as I carry her carseat into the house. My father-in-law, Harold, is talking to some workers who are re-roofing their covered patio before they list their house to move closer to us! We visit after he comes back inside. My mother-in-law, Janet, is at the doctor with her mother. Paige gets the hiccups! I make a cup of cranberry tea while Harold is holding Paige. Yum!

9:50 AM - Nurse Paige. Talk with the bestie who is upset - she is 31 weeks pregnant and has been having contractions and had a test come back positive that could indicate labor could start within the next 2 weeks.

10:15 AM - Get Paige asleep and Harold has the inauguration on. We spend a lot of time talking about different facts about different Presidents, and I use Wikipedia to look up/confirm information. Ha! Text and talk more with Kristen about her lab results.

10:45 AM - Janet and Nannie arrive. We visit. Passing Paige off wakes her up. The  2 grandmas coo to her. I give Nannie her Christmas present, since this is the first time we've seen her.

11:55 AM - Nurse Paige. Janet goes to take her mother home and promises to come back with chais! Paige goes back to sleep. Text with Brent - he is a little miffed at me because the garage is a mess, and it's my junk. Sorry honey!

12:25 PM - Catch up on blog reading. Harold has turned the TV to Impractical Jokers. GUY HUMOR!

12:45 PM - Janet is back with chais. She takes Paige, and I eat. Leftover chicken friend steak, mashed potatoes, and gravy - yum! There's also a gingerbread spice cake that I eat a piece of. I love my breastfeeding diet! Paige is sleeping, we watch the Food Network and chat. Janet also gives me a present from Nannie for Paige - a blanket she sewed herself {LOVE} that she had her name embroidered on and a recorded Christmas book - the big kids have ones too and love them.

Love this so much.

2:00 PM - School calls - T needs to be picked up immediately. Womp, womp. I call Brent who doesn't answer, so I text him. He returns the text a little bit later, he was in the shower and is heading up to get Trent.

2:25 PM - More texting with Brent about what happened with Trent. He didn't want to pull Drew off the playground early, so he and T sit in the car to talk about his actions and how he could have handled himself better. It has definitely been 1 step forward, 2 steps back since coming back from the holidays.

2:30 PM - Email comes in from Stitch Fix to set up an interview! I applied right before Paige was born, I want to do this while on leave to bring in some extra money. Text my friend Kelly who also got an email to interview with them. Also email a friend who works there and my cousin's wife who is in management there. Plan for my mother-in-law to watch Paige {I am already nervous about being away from her!} and text my mom about getting the big kids from school. Also, what will I wear since I still have quite a bit of weight to lose, eek!

3:15 PM - Nurse Paige. She goes back to sleep. Janet and I are in her room {Brent's room growing up} where she sews and watches TV, so we can talk without bothering Harold. We talk a lot about house stuff as they are getting really close to listing theirs and have been looking for awhile online. My bestie is their realtor!

5:20 PM - Nurse Paige. Change a poopy diaper. More talking. Show Janet Paige's newborn pictures. She loves them, of course!

6:30 PM - Head home with a care package of treats - cake and chocolate rice krispies! There's a little bit of traffic, and Paige fusses a little, but she takes the paci and konks out. I listen to the Bobby Bones Show again.

7:05 PM - Get home! Both kids are on their Kindles. Trent had to do a lot of chores to get to watch his. Brent gets in the shower {for the 3rd time - cedar is killing him this winter}.

7:15 PM - Nurse Paige.

7:25 PM - Make a fajita - Brent grilled chicken! Nurse Paige a little more because she is fussy.

7:30 PM - Remember I need to take my PPA supplements {forgot to take my mid-day dose because I didn't take them to the in-laws}. Also take Trent's MTHFR meds to him. Paige is still fussy, so I get the Ergo, but when I lay her down on the ottoman, she calms down, so Drew entertains her. Both Trent and Drew want a cheese stick, and Drew wants Paige in her cow chair to talk to her.

This tube of wrapping paper has been Drew's sword for weeks. Hilarious.

7:50 PM - Brent walks Drew to bed.

7:55 PM - Paige starts crying. The witching hour begins! Get her in the Ergo with her pacifier, and she konks out. Hallelujah! However then I wonder when will be her bedtime - the newborn phase is tough for many reasons, but the unpredictability of bedtime is one of the hardest.

8:00 PM - Since Paige is asleep, I decide to get on my laptop. Trent wants an apple, so I cut him one. I unpack the kids' lunchboxes and have to have a talk with Drew about not eating her fruits and veggies when I told her she had to eat them since I put a sandwich in her lunch {which I never do}. She tells me she got in trouble at lunch, but I never know if her stories are true. Tell her she will be eating them in the morning! Put lunchboxes in the freezer and our treats from Janet in the fridge.

Don't you love that background picture?

8:30 PM - Start working on this post.

8:45 PM - Trent asks me to read to him, but he gets pissy when I tell him I can't get on the bed with him since Paige is in the Ergo. So over his attitude when he doesn't get 100% what he wants. Brent talks to him too.

9:00 PM - Wake Paige up in the hopes that I can get her back down by 10:00 PM. Within minutes she is wailing and hates life. Brent holds her while I get ready for bed, and then I put her in her pjs {an ugly onesie and socks} and swaddle her.

9:15 PM - In the closet with her nursing. Takes 2 tries to get her down.

9:55 PM - Success! Brent texted me 2 options for some shelving for the laundry room, so we chat about that.

10:00 PM - Decide to pump. I am only pumping every few days. After literally donating thousands of ounces of milk with Trent and Drew, I am taking a new approach this time and not stockpiling the fridge. Paige will be 8 months before she goes to daycare, so I don't think I'll need much in the freezer. Hopefully it doesn't backfire and my supply dry up somehow. Eat some Reese's and have some wine. Look at my E! News app.

10:15 PM - Take Drew to potty. Email PPA doc - I have some questions that I want her opinion on. First, I feel good. Not great but good - which given we are 1 month into this, I think is pretty great. So I'm curious if there is a point where I can say postpartum likely won't set in? It would feel really good to not be living in fear that PPA is coming...

10:30 PM - Get into bed and look at Instagram. Contemplate reading but am too tired.

10:48 PM - Lights out! This is a late night for me - I hope Paige treats me well in the night!

Paige sleeps until 5:45! Took until 6:30 to get her down and when I get back in bed Drew is there. Trent comes in about 7:15 and our Saturday is off and running! And with that, another DiTL day comes to an end. Until April...


Anonymous said...

Exciting about the Stitch Fix interview! Your day was busier than my day - I never left the house! -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love that blanket that was made for her and wishing you luck on your interview! You are going to do great and they would be lucky to have you styling for their customers!