Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Christmas 2016

**Sorry that we're backtracking a little and just now talking about Christmas. But you'll have to agree we pack a lot into a short period of time {in 12 days, we will celebrate Paige's birthday, Christmas, and Drew's birthday}!**

Our Christmas this year was very different. Having a 4 day old baby meant we were going to move a little slower, so instead of having 3 Christmases in 1 day, we spaced everything out and still need to see Brent's brother and have the cousins exchange gifts...but we'll get there!

Normally on Christmas Eve, we go to Brent's grandma's house, but she decided she didn't want to host anything - and we wouldn't have gone anyway. So we just hung out at home.

Paige was at least festive!

Movie watching!

Christmas morning was like always - the kids opened their presents at home with us.

He said this was his favorite gift from us! This book lover mama was so happy!

Christmas evening my bestie brought us dinner, and our kids exchanged gifts. Kristen and Schuyler are Trent and Drew's godparents {and will be Paige's}, and I am Beau's godmother. LOVE IT.

One of Beau's shoes ended up in Trent's presents - he was a little confused at first, ha.

We had a great night of lasagna and the kids being crazy!

The day after Christmas we went to Brent's parents' house and were spoiled silly.

My mother-in-law and I spent way too much time obsessing over Paige's stocking. 
But how cute did it turn out?!?!

A Pokemon Mega EX card {OMG} and real makeup!!!
{Ignore my weird face in the background - I think I was eating??}

Then on Wednesday we went to my parents' house to get even more gifts and love. The best present was them keeping the kids overnight! I got to just lounge with Paige and sleep in, and Brent got to see some friends. The stomach bug he came down with 2 days later was NOT part of the plan and caused quite a bit of stress as I had to solo parent for a few days {remember I don't adjust well!}, but we survived!

Trent went NUTS over this new Nerf gun. He is obsessed with Nerf these days.
Too bad he's already left a part in the park and it was gone when we went to look for it.

Then the kids realized they got their own Kindle Fires.
And in their favorite colors. HOLY COW.

Whiskey sours in honor of my Granny!

My people {LOVE}

Whew! Can you see why we didn't want to do all that in one day this year? Next year we'll be back to our usual routine, but it was much needed to slow the pace down this year.


Kathryn Bagley said...

Exhausting but looks so fun!!

Anonymous said...

I love the one of Coach Swope holding Paige. So sweet!