Thursday, September 1, 2016

Life Lately

Time for a round-up of what's been happening lately!

She loves to put LEGO Storm Trooper helmets on her fingers.
I think this just proves we have too many LEGOs!

We ate lunch just the 3 of us at the cutest place in our town. Yum!

T wanted to 'pose' eating a chip. Sweet boy!

Never a dull moment at Babs and Pops' house!

Sweetest grandma ever {not that I'm biased}

I never get tired of watching them sleep...and taking pictures of it. {grin}

 Sometimes it's so hard to wake up from a nap.

Coloring with Babs

And there was that time Drew took Trent's prescription, my MTHFR supplements, my prenatals, my magnesium and poured it all in a glass of water at 11:00 PM. That was a super fun late night.

After Drew's first day of school...a little screen time.
Don't tell Maria Montessori on us!

Her favorite face!

And then there was also this time it started thundering RIGHT AT BEDTIME.
And I had to sit outside Drew's room forever for her to fall asleep.

T got tired of waiting for me to snuggle with him, gave up and went to sleep on the couch!

Jalen came over to play. We went and had thai food downtown. Yum!

Cristee and me. I've done a lot of auditing with this girl!

More reading with Babs.

And now it's time for the 'Drew is sick' edition of Life Lately 

Drew woke up from her nap on Sunday with 103 fever.
Healthy all summer, 4 days of school...sick.

So Sunday afternoon we put on some pjs and watched lots of Scooby Doo.

Not feeling all. Poor girl!

Luckily her fever broke Monday afternoon, so I was able to meet up with Kristen for a grown-up playdate to get my birthday piece of jewelry from Kendra Scott! 

Sexy face modeling my new necklace!

 Tuesday Drew had to stay home again since she wasn't 24 hours fever free.
She's showing me how big her tummy is after eating her lunch.

I had a bunch of conference calls, so I had her lay next to me to rest.
I guess deployment meetings are super boring!

Coloring while Bubba has gymnastics - not contagious!

And this morning I came out of the bathroom to this.
She might have seen her brother do this a time or two. Monkeys!

And now you're caught up in the last few weeks in the Gurley household! We have a long weekend coming up, and I'm so excited. My mother-in-law are hitting up the spa, we have a birthday party for my goddaughter, I hope to hit up the pool, can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Glad Drew is better. Poor girl. They are cute as always. Enjoy the long weekend! - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Hope to see you this weekend!