Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 Emmy Fashion: On the Fence

Shocker - I didn't watch the whole Emmy's last night. I literally had watched 2 shows that had nominations: Game of Thrones {granted it had 400 nominations} and Downton Abbey. So I just wasn't into all the awards. And this year that's kind of how I felt about the fashion, too!

First up, a bunch of dresses or looks I just can't decide how I feel about.

Abigail Spencer
Such a delicate dress, love the sparkle, and I wanted to like it, 
but I am not digging the sheer part with what looks like polka dots.

America Ferrara
 This just doesn't do anything for her.

Connie Britton
This just isn't flattering for her figure.

Sofia Vergara
Of course Sofia looks amazing, this just isn't my favorite look of hers.

Michelle Dockery
Too many ruffles? Should it be another color?

Heidi Klum
Too much skin, too much asymmetry, too much.

Julia Bowen
Yawn. And what is up with the shoes?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Again, she usually looks amazing, so maybe I just expect more? 

Juliana Hough
I love the color of this but don't really like the look.

Kerry Washington
I just can't get past the hair.

Sarah Hyland
I like when ladies where pants and 'fun' outfits to the Emmys.
But this one - I don't like the tails on both sides - ugh.


Anonymous said...

Love the color of the first one, but agree the ruffles on top ruin it for me. Just like Lady Mary's dress. Guess I am just not that into ruffles? Thought for sure you'd love the hugging of the baby bump! - AP

Emily said...

This is my first (and most likely only) glance at Emmy fashion this year. Normally I take 30 min to scroll through at work but not now.
1. Heidi Klum - agreed too asymmetrical
2. Sarah Hyland - wtf. It looks like she's one of those horse people from Fantasia with legs and a horse body
3. Sofia - she's getting thin and I don't like it
4. Julia Bowen - i love simple looks and I love her Modern Family character (I am Claire) so basically this is my favorite
5. Kerry Washington - this is the sexiest I've ever seen a preggo bump at awards so I give mad props to that

Kathryn Bagley said...

Def agree-I did kinda like Sofia's dress but then I saw the open sections and im just not a fan of knowing you really aren't wearing panties underneath..ha!