Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2016 Emmy Fashion: Always a Bridesmaid

Emilia Clarke
This fits her SO AMAZING. 
I just hate the color on her skin. Especially since her make-up is also neutral.

Regina King
I love the color of this.

Emmy Rossum
Fits her SO GREAT but just so, so, so simple. Like too simple?

Joanna Froggatt
Fits great, just too plain.

Neve Campbell
A little too stiff.

Padma Lashki
I just keep thinking it was probably 90 degrees!

Tracee Ellis Ross
I don't know why...just not quite there for me.

Kirsten Dunst
You guys know how I feel about inner boob. #JustSayNo
If it didn't fit her so great everywhere else, and there weren't SO MANY BAD DRESSES, she could have ended up on my worst dressed list. {grin}

Viola Davis
I wanted to love this. The color is gorgeous but something about the fit?


Emily said...

A friend of mine in LA met Kirsten Dunst and said she was the biggest biotch so I automatically hate everything she wears. But in this case it's truly awful.
I think the problem with Viola Davis is that her dress looks like something someone would wear to a Christian school Prom. Love the color and the top but it needs a fitted bottom with a slit or something to give it a grown up sex appeal.