Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: My Favorite Vacation

I had a weekend recap/life lately post all ready to go for today, but then I saw it was Show & Tell Tuesday and I like today's topic, so come back tomorrow to find out what's been going on with the MIA Gurleys!

I bet for people who travel a lot this would be a very challenging topic, but as much as I'd love to travel a lot, it just isn't in the cards for us in this phase of life. There always seems to be something more pressing {like school tuition, bills, decorating the house...}.

I've had some really great vacations over the years. I already blogged about our 10 year anniversary trip to The Devil's Thumb {here and here}, so I won't recap it again. I've been to NYC 3 times {most recently in December}, Chicago 3 times, had my first adventure in NOLA this February, been to Las Vegas twice {once for work and once 28 weeks pregnant - so neither of those trips makes the top of the list!}, and had an amazing honeymoon in Turks & Caicos {before my blogging days}. 

Another great trip was our trip with friends to Puerto Vallarta in December 2008. Brent and I went with 3 other couples and stayed at an amazing all-inclusive. Fun fact: Brent and I decided 2 months before we left that we would wait until after this trip to start trying for a baby. Do the math from June 2009 backwards...yup, we were already pregnant when we had that conversation. So the best part was being 12 weeks pregnant at an all-inclusive with friends who love to drink!

The week before our trip, I had to go to a work training at Disney World {my company is so terrible, right?}. Kristen was living in North Carolina at the time, so I took a detour to spend a few days with her {Schuyler was at Army Ranger training, so there was lots of BFF love going on}. So in a 2-week period, I was in North Carolina, Florida, and Mexico - I looked like such a world traveler. {grin}

Mitch would NOT leave me alone - I think he missed me!
{Work conference call at night for an international project}

The only picture we took together - heading to the airport to send me to Florida

After a quick 20 hours back in ATX, we headed to Mexico! I didn't figure you guys wanted to see a ton of pictures from almost 8 years ago, but here's a few!

We released sea turtles!

Brent and me {and a stowaway Trent!}

Hanging with a monkey

Brent tried escargot - yuck!

I missed wine! Don't worry...I was only smelling it.

Friends! {All of these girls are in book club, still love these ladies}

Definitely a trip I'll always remember! What was your favorite trip?


Anonymous said...

Fun!!! I know what you mean about traveling not being in the cards. First year we were married, we took 3 pretty substantial trips. And 1 since then...- AP

Anonymous said...

We made the blog!!! Haha! It was a really fun trip and you were a trooper! So glad we did that. Need another soon....after the kids grow a little. :) - Rhonda