Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Weekend Recap/Life Lately

I am a terrible blogger! Lately work has been so nuts that if I don't HAVE to be on my computer, I'm not. But that's not to say we haven't been busy and having lots of fun lately!

Dena and I ran a 5K 2 weeks ago for a fundraiser for my church.
She has a pimple, I'm giving the stink eye - either way, we had fun!

Found a stowaway in Trent's bed one morning.

My cousin's son was playing in a baseball game in our town, so we went.
My uncle bought them Ring Pops, and they were in heaven!

Besties. I mean seriously.

Talking to Winnie

Drew was really concerned that Brent didn't have a cake.
So we remedied that on his birthday afternoon.

Of course the kids had to get a small cookie because they couldn't wait to get home!

Drew decided which candles and where they needed to go.

Happy birthday, honey!

Trent got to blow out the candles. {And then we had to relight them for Drew.}

Is there anything sweeter than this?

Caught red-handed making messes!

Finally - it's time for the 'weekend recap' portion of this post. {grin} 

Saturday morning I took the kids to a parade in my hometown.
The parade route is right off my parents' street.
One of my H.S. besties {Kelly} came too! The kids look thrilled, no?

Another friend, Dez, was in the parade with her company!

There were princesses in the parade!

Trent's field day is Tuesday, and another mom and I made a giant Twister board!

My parents kept the kids to take them to the festival {the reason for the parade}.
So after I painted the Twister board, I got Freebirds!

And watched Sex and the City!

The kids had a blast with my parents!
Bounce house! Kettlecorn! Snow cones!

Look at that smile!  
Yes, she's wearing 1 sock - the other got wet but she wanted to keep on the other one.

 This girl comes and sleeps on our floor most nights in the middle of the night.
This is how I found her Monday morning. Half on her pillow, half on the floor.


Kelly said...

Super fun weekend!! We had a blast!

Karen Peterson said...

What a fun weekend!

I remember playing a mega game of Twister when I was a kid and it was so much fun!