Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Big Easy

Brent and I had a great time in New Orleans. He's been 3 times before, and I've been once - but it was for barely 24 hours, it was for work, and I was pregnant with Drew {newly pregnant so really I spent a lot of time trying not to throw up}, so I really consider this my first trip.

We left Thursday in the early afternoon and stayed until lunchtime on Sunday - it was the perfect amount of time. Both sets of our parents helped out with the kids, so I don't think any one set was worn out, and the kids LOVED getting so much grandparent time. We stayed at Hotel Monteleone right off Bourbon Street, and it was super nice. We had some other friends come and they rented an apartment, and next time we go, I want to do that!

Flight drinks - getting ready! {First drink for me since before Whole 30, ha}

When we landed, Brent's cousin was already there and on Bourbon Street, so we headed to The Beach.

3 for 1 drinks!!!!!

Having fun with the girls

Brent the Beer Man

Friday morning we got up and had breakfast in the hotel because we were starving. It was AMAZING!

Mimosas and wearing the clothes from the day before!

Beignets and bacon for breakfast {that praline sauce was INSANELY good}

I really wanted a chai and tortured Brent by making him walk me to Starbucks. I had to laugh because the barista asked my name and spelled it as it shows below. When I handed him my credit card, he looked at the spelling and said 'Yes! I love it when I guess the spelling right!' Um...

Alaina is the same as Allena, right?

I sent this pic to my fellow chai-aholic {my mother-in-law}.
Yes, I'm drinking Starbucks in a bar on Bourbon St. She approved. {grin}

Most of our group

Brent's cousin's wife {Kristi} who I love!

Us at their wedding in my pre-blog days {2008}

Book display - this book nerd HAD to snap a pic!

A few of our crowd went on a Haunted History Ghost Tour Friday night.

We're so scared!

The story about this house was SO creepy.

Look at those steps from Friday!

Saturday's morning beverage!

Having a drink {and a double chin} on the Carousel Bar in the hotel

Brent trying not to look squinty.
He looks normal, I look surprised.

I couldn't drink my drink on the carousel - 
even though it moves slow, it still made me motion sick!

Saturday we walked around the French Market and Jackson Square.

Loved the beads in this tree!

This street artist made us a drawing of the kids. I LOVE it!

Brent 'resting' before dinner.

We ate at Mr. B's - steak and seafood

They had Iniskillin ice wine - one of my faves!
I sent this pic to my mother-in-law too.

One friend, Heather, needed a nap at the table.

Sunday morning - time to leave, ugh!

We were happy to be reunited with the kids - I don't think they missed us though!

Lots of cousin time, park trips, movies, and snuggles!

And with that, our first trip of the year is in the books!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Sounds like it was a great trip, Alaina! -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

yay!! so glad yall had a good time!!

Karen Peterson said...

What an amazing trip! I want to go to there!

Those pictures look like you guys had so much fun. I'm glad! You deserved it!

Kelly said...

So fun!! I love NOLA!