Friday, March 4, 2016

Five on Friday


Gymnastics - Round 2! 

Because Trent has to go every week to Drew's gymnastics class, he's been really intrigued and told me he wants to do it too. So he did a trial class this past week and really liked it. I think he had a lot of fun and said he was even too tired to sit at the table and eat dinner, ha!

Look at those push-ups!


Bridge of Spies & Steve Jobs

I realized I never blogged about seeing Bridge of Spies and Brent and I rented Steve Jobs last week, so I thought I'd do a quick movie review.

Bridge of Spies - This was such a great, typical Tom Hanks film - intrigue, suspense, Tom is the hero - my mom and I both loved it.  I've got the book {Brent actually read it - shocker}, and I just started it. I'm really looking forward to comparing the 2.

Steve Jobs - Meh. Brent and I thought this was just okay. It was kind of weird because it jumped time and the bulk of the movie was the day Steve Jobs was launching a new product. Lots of yelling and showing what an ass he was mixed in with recognizing he's a genius. When it ended we were both like 'that's it?'. Guess so!


Whole 30 Round 2

I finished another round of Whole 30 and then promptly went to NOLA, but I'm going to try and not be so smug about how amazing I am and how I've got eating under control since I face-planted into a mountain of sugar a few weeks after finishing my first round {grin}. Overall it went great - I didn't lose quite as much weight as the first round, but I discovered some new ways to eat foods, tried new recipes, am exercising again consistently for the first time in WAY TOO if I can keep most of this up, I'll be happy!


I want to get new pots and pans for our kitchen. The ones we have were a wedding present and are dreaded non-stick {hello, toxic}. I've been asking around a lot and can't decide what I want. I thought I wanted ceramic but read they break easily, I wish I could afford Le Creuset, I'm confused! Any suggestions?


My snugglebugs. LOVE.


Kathryn Bagley said...

Happy Friday!!

Shannon Sentences said...

Costco makes a knock-off of Le Creuset that's quite good, but I don't think they sell a full set. They're much more budget-friendly and cook just as well in my opinion.

Karen Peterson said...

I had zero interest in the Steve Jobs movie, so I was glad it wasn't really nominated for anything besides acting.

I'm so glad Trent is enjoying gymnastics! That's so fun!