Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nobody Got Time For That

Drew started day care July 1 and began crawling on August 2. It was only a matter of time before her first 'real' infection. 

She got coughed on at a baseball game on Sunday evening by a 14 month old. Might just be coincidence but a stopped up nose began 12 hours later. I kept her home from daycare Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday she seemed better. WRONG.

Last night she wouldn't let me lay her down at all. We were up from 10:45 - 4:15 with the exception of an hour. So this morning we hit up our new pediatrician {we switched because our old doctor was leaving the practice we went to and we picked a new place a little closer to home} and got the 'minor ear infection' diagnosis. She didn't push a prescription {although she wrote one} and said I could wait 48 hours to see if it gets better on its that's what we're doing.

I'll be hitting up my favorite pharmacy this afternoon to get some hippie stuff to try and help. Praying she gets better fast because her baptism is this weekend. Yippee!

On another note, Trent started Pre-K this week at his school. Here was his reaction to my attempt at a cute first day of school pic. Thanks, son.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Stop. Just Stop.

Today I read posts online about first days of school, sick babies dying and funerals for tweens. My heart was sad. I needed something to make me laugh a little.

Enter Miley Cyrus.

Her self-esteem might be taking a hit today after all the laughs being had at her expense today. If you haven't seen her performance from last night's VMAs, watch it. Or don't if you have a sensitive stomach. {grin} 

That poor child needs to stop. She needs someone to tell her that being 20 doesn't mean she should molest herself onstage or gyrate on a 35-year-old married man.

But until that time, I will continue to enjoy the laughs.

Will Smith's kids might dress weird but at least they have the decency to be horrified!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

I am doing another 'Five on Friday' post because they are fun for spewing randomness that doesn't really fit into a good post. {grin}


This is happening. Are you kidding me?


I have no work clothes that fit. I'm in a very awkward phase. I actually weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Drew {yay!} but my hips are still wider and my girls are very big. So I legitimately have 2 shirts, 1 pair of pants and 2 dresses that fit. Thanks to a big sale at Gap, Old Navy and Banana, I got the below 5 items for $90 online! Hopefully it all fits!


Sister's new shoes for school because of the pulling up. I die.

Today is Allison's birthday. Also known as my movie date. She and I have been friends since she moved to ATX before 2nd grade. That is 26 years that we have been friends. I love that we are still friends, so I wanted to give her a shout out today! Happy birthday, friend! We still need to pick a movie!!

You can now understand why my shirts don't fit... {I was BFing Trent when Allison got married.}

This is udderly {tee hee hee} awesome. And hysterical. And super informative. Happy Friday! And...sent to me by my husband!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daycare Woes

I don't choose to work. I must. And while I am very happy with the daycare we've picked for our children, sometimes it can be a frustrating process.

Drew can't wear her amber teething necklace. {Choking hazard}

I had to go buy shoes today for Drew because she's starting to pull up. {She might fall.}

I had to search 3 stores for a specific red rubberband to go around her bottles - red means it's breast milk. {The others would slip off - choking hazard.}

She naps terrible there. Luckily, the days I work from home I can get her early or take her in late so she gets one nap at home.

I don't cut her food up small enough, even though she eats it just fine at home. {Choking hazard...are we sensing a theme here?}

They even asked me to bring a pacifier at first. I said no way. She has never wanted one, so I wasn't going to start it at 6 months, and it was hell getting Trent off it - at the request of daycare!

Okay...rant over. It is so hard leaving your kids with other people every day, and especially hard when they don't {or can't} do things the way you really want them done.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Had a training yesterday in Dallas. A bunch of partners were there. And I had faint outlines of blue sharks on my arms and legs from Trent's new stamp kit that 2 showers couldn't get off. I also had a Spider-Man band-aid on a cut. #boymom

Oh yeah...this is happening at our house right now. Full-on moving. #babygirlslowdownthisgrowingupbusiness

I also had to pump in the car on the way to said training (because it was in Dallas). Luckily a co-worker was driving, but I was still in the passenger seat covered by my nursing cover with my dress around my waist for a half hour. #breastfeedingisglamorous

I'm lazy to upload all the pictures from the best baby shower ever that I co-hosted this weekend, but feast your eyes on this gorgeousness and visualize the rest of the pictures to come. #weknockeditoutofthepark

Friday, August 16, 2013

4 years/6 months

I had this great idea to only buy the CD when I did the kids' pictures in July because I knew I'd spend too much money ordering prints, and this way I could print whatever I wanted off Shutterfly. 

Then I remembered my laptop doesn't have a CD drive, and Brent's laptop's CD drive is broken. Sigh. 

Then when I took the CD to my parents' didn't work. Sigh.

So 6 weeks after taking these pictures...I still think they were worth the wait. {grin}

Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's About Freaking Time

I really wondered if Trent was EVER going to be interested in Drew. She is so obsessed with him, she watches him and laughs so hard at everything he does, and he's like meh with her. Until recently. Yay! Now he wants to play with her. It usually ends with Drew getting bonked somehow and crying, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears

Way back at the end of May, I decided I wanted to do something with both kids by myself before I went back to work. I decided to go to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. I had heard great things about it - good size {not too big but lots of great animals}, semi-close, fun for Trent. I wanted to do something fun and bold for me, and this seemed like the perfect challenge. We had no time table, so if Drew needed to nurse, we'd nurse. If either kid got upset, we'd leave. And it was a fantastic day!

Right when we walked in, there was a little play area. Trent LOVED it. Drew and I just sat on a bench watching him have a ball. I didn't care how long he wanted to play. I was still on cloud 9 that we made it in 1 piece!

Sister mostly hung out in my Ergo and even snoozed for a bit. I don't think she was impressed by the animals. {grin}

I made someone take our picture to document the success of the day. Do you see my cheesy ear-to-ear grin? Yeah, I was feeling pretty good about our day.

Trent was too funny. He asked about the lions ALL day. When we finally got to the lions, he looked at them for 30 seconds and was ready to move on.

Both kids were fantastic, and I was so proud of myself for tackling the adventure and not stressing. It was a great way to end my maternity leave.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

M Squared

We have gone out of town the past 2 weekends.

I am tired.

I don't think there's anything like traveling out of town with 2 small children to stress me out.

I am already the world's lightest sleeper. I am super sensitive to changes in my sleep environment. And I think Drew inherited that from me.

Last weekend, at one point, Brent was mad at me. {I'm still not really sure why.}

This weekend, at one point, I was mad at Brent. {I know why, but it wasn't exactly rational.} I might have said, 'Sometimes I wonder why I married you.'

I totally didn't mean it, and he knows it {and I did apologize}.

But there is nothing like a toddler, a baby, confined spaces, and lack of sleep to bring out the best in me.

I genuinely believe our marriage has gotten stronger with each child. There are times we want to walk away. Thankfully these times are few and far between. And now having our 2 precious babies, I know without a doubt, we are in this for the long haul. 

Most days, there is a moment, where we are so in sync it makes my heart sing. In the morning, loading kids and lunches and laptops and breastpumps into my car...we are like a well-oiled machine, and we high five {me enthusiastically...Brent begrudgingly} because, hey, we got this

I know that man is my lobster.

And I can't believe he hasn't left me yet as I constantly gripe at him about not doing enough. As the words are coming out of my mouth, I hear how ridiculous they sound. And this is the man I have to show how rational I am to convince him we should have more children. Um...I think I am failing miserably at that goal.

I don't really have a point to this post except to say that marriage and motherhood {get it....M Squared??} are hard. Wonderful, duh. But these past 2 weekends have worn me out. I'm looking forward to being back at work, not having days off and no vacations planned in the near future. {grin}

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Currently: Not Working

Current Book 
Voyager (Book 3 in the Outlander series)

Current Songs
Best I Ever Had by Gavin DeGraw
Holy Grail by Jay Z (featuring Justin Timberlake)

Current Drink 
I just finished off a Sprite. It was delicious.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure 
That I just finished off a Sprite, and it was delicious.

Current Outfit 
Old Navy t-shirt and a pair of my mom's athletic shorts. H.O.T. I looked really cute at work today; does that count?

Current Celebrity Crush 
All my faves: Channing, Marky Mark, Eric Northman... No one new...which makes me sad.

Current Mood 
Tired - Trent woke Drew up by screaming in the hall and it took me 30 minutes to get her back to sleep. 

Current Excitement
All the birthday love I received this week!

Current Anticipation 
Our return to the Flying L this weekend!

Current Film 
I am looking at upcoming options for a movie/bday date with my movie buddy. It will be my first movie in the theater in 2013. Crazy! Any suggestions?

Current Picture 

Friday, August 2, 2013

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 7 Months

Miss Drew has had a busy month for month 7. This is the month where it dawns on me that she is closer to a year than to the day she was born. Wow.

I am definitely seeing some of the babyness disappear and the toddler starting to appear. Drew is SO inquisitive and is starting to really try to get into everything. I am constantly scanning the room for Trent's toys to make sure there aren't any small pieces she could get in her mouth. Babyproofing is going to be so much more challenging this time!

Weight: ~15 pounds
Clothes: still all 3-6 months, just now going up to 6-9 months in pajamas
Diapers: size 2 during the day, size 3 at night
Nicknames: Sugarfoot, Sister, Girlfriend seem to be what we use the most. I'm surprised she knows her name, but she does respond to it!

*Our biggest news this month is a tooth {bottom right} finally popped through! Monday, 7/29, is when I could finally feel it and by today you can barely see it. 

*I've already talked at length about BLW, but here's another fun pic. Just, you know, eating a banana!

*I'm starting to see some of the toddler attitude. She is fighting naps again - as soon as I lay her little {awake} self down...she is screaming. I leave the room anyway but always come back and as soon as she seems me she laughs and stops crying. Stinker.

*Pool time! First time in a real pool and loved it! I forgot her suit {which is so annoying because she has so many cute ones}, so she white-trashed it in her diaper.

*We still nurse on demand. My supply is amazing, so I am actually able to pump more than she drinks at school, so our freezer supply is just growing. Looking into some donation options but trying to not go overboard since I want breast milk for 2 years for her.

*Lots of changes in Drew's gross motor skills this month. All of the sudden she gets on all 4s and rocks. Crawling is in our very near future!

*Drew also sits up really good. And can transition to her tummy pretty good. I can leave her on the floor and not worry about a total tump over. This is probably one of my favorite stages, I love when babies can sit up and NOT move. {grin}

*We have survived 1 month at daycare. She is doing okay. Most days her naps aren't good but every so often we get a good nap. I really like her teachers so that helps. 

*Babs {my mom} put her to bed one night. First successful put down in 4 months (by someone other than me of course). Drew LOVES her Babs.

*Girlfriend is starting to make some consonant sounds. 'Da' and 'ga' being what I notice the most. 

*Naps 3x day most days...sometimes just twice but usually only if she slept really late.

*Bedtime is 7:00-7:30. Drew usually wakes up around 7:00 but could be as early as 6:30, and last Sunday I had to wake her up at 9:30 to go to church!

*Along with sitting unassisted, we are in the regular bathtub and have retired all our baby tubs. She has fallen face first in the water a time or two, but I'm right there to scoop her up. She loves splashing the water.

*I love this pic from her first time trying solids. Where she doesn't really know what to do with the banana.

*This is probably Drew's favorite toy right now. From Trent's {and Drew's...baptism in a few weeks!!} godparents for Trent, but we recycle here. 

I heard something on the radio the other day that a study showed that men became softer {more generous, etc} after having daughters. I don't see how that can just apply to men. This little girl has turned B and me both into mush. She is the sweetest little girl and every smile brings us so much joy. I just can't put into words how much I love being her mama.