Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nobody Got Time For That

Drew started day care July 1 and began crawling on August 2. It was only a matter of time before her first 'real' infection. 

She got coughed on at a baseball game on Sunday evening by a 14 month old. Might just be coincidence but a stopped up nose began 12 hours later. I kept her home from daycare Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday she seemed better. WRONG.

Last night she wouldn't let me lay her down at all. We were up from 10:45 - 4:15 with the exception of an hour. So this morning we hit up our new pediatrician {we switched because our old doctor was leaving the practice we went to and we picked a new place a little closer to home} and got the 'minor ear infection' diagnosis. She didn't push a prescription {although she wrote one} and said I could wait 48 hours to see if it gets better on its that's what we're doing.

I'll be hitting up my favorite pharmacy this afternoon to get some hippie stuff to try and help. Praying she gets better fast because her baptism is this weekend. Yippee!

On another note, Trent started Pre-K this week at his school. Here was his reaction to my attempt at a cute first day of school pic. Thanks, son.


Anonymous said...

get some melaleuca essential oil. Rub it in front of her ear and behind. Then put a little on your pinky and rub it around her ear canal or, if she'll stand it, put some on a cotton ball and tape it on her ear (w/ medical tape, of course). Just make sure you don't drip any into her ear canal. Do that two to three times a day, and it should clear up in no time. I've used this protocol a few times on my 13 month old (from the time she was about 6 months old), and we've avoided antibiotics. Good luck! And make sure the oil you buy is certified therapeutic grade oil, so that you can be sure of its purity.

Anonymous said...

Get well, Drew, so your mama can get some sleep! -AP

Karen M. Peterson said...

I hope she's feeling better!