Monday, August 26, 2013

Stop. Just Stop.

Today I read posts online about first days of school, sick babies dying and funerals for tweens. My heart was sad. I needed something to make me laugh a little.

Enter Miley Cyrus.

Her self-esteem might be taking a hit today after all the laughs being had at her expense today. If you haven't seen her performance from last night's VMAs, watch it. Or don't if you have a sensitive stomach. {grin} 

That poor child needs to stop. She needs someone to tell her that being 20 doesn't mean she should molest herself onstage or gyrate on a 35-year-old married man.

But until that time, I will continue to enjoy the laughs.

Will Smith's kids might dress weird but at least they have the decency to be horrified!


Karen M. Peterson said...

I love that picture of the Smiths. Priceless!