Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daycare Woes

I don't choose to work. I must. And while I am very happy with the daycare we've picked for our children, sometimes it can be a frustrating process.

Drew can't wear her amber teething necklace. {Choking hazard}

I had to go buy shoes today for Drew because she's starting to pull up. {She might fall.}

I had to search 3 stores for a specific red rubberband to go around her bottles - red means it's breast milk. {The others would slip off - choking hazard.}

She naps terrible there. Luckily, the days I work from home I can get her early or take her in late so she gets one nap at home.

I don't cut her food up small enough, even though she eats it just fine at home. {Choking hazard...are we sensing a theme here?}

They even asked me to bring a pacifier at first. I said no way. She has never wanted one, so I wasn't going to start it at 6 months, and it was hell getting Trent off it - at the request of daycare!

Okay...rant over. It is so hard leaving your kids with other people every day, and especially hard when they don't {or can't} do things the way you really want them done.


the blogivers said...

I can only imagine! Sounds like my sister has already had a lot of frustrating experiences and she has only had her kids in daycare for a couple of months. I wonder if there ARE any places where the rules aren't kind of ridiculous?!

Jaclyn said...

Wow! I understand most of them and had to deal with them too, but not with the food issue. Can you maybe educate them a little bit about BLW and the principles of it? I think the website even had a short hand out you could give them to teach them what it's all about, or get the director a copy of the book for her to read? It's becoming more popular and doubt you are the first or the last parent to want to feed their child like this. If you cut the food up too small she won't be able to pick it up (at least that's the issue I had with Jacob). After I explained BLW to them, they were great with it and let me bring in his food how I wanted to. Mainly just the spears for carrots, avocados, etc.

Anonymous said...

Stop whining - B

DeAnna Stephens said...

I haven't had any issues but I can't imagine taking a BLW child to daycare. I'm surprised they even allow it to be honest because of the liability.