Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Had a training yesterday in Dallas. A bunch of partners were there. And I had faint outlines of blue sharks on my arms and legs from Trent's new stamp kit that 2 showers couldn't get off. I also had a Spider-Man band-aid on a cut. #boymom

Oh yeah...this is happening at our house right now. Full-on moving. #babygirlslowdownthisgrowingupbusiness

I also had to pump in the car on the way to said training (because it was in Dallas). Luckily a co-worker was driving, but I was still in the passenger seat covered by my nursing cover with my dress around my waist for a half hour. #breastfeedingisglamorous

I'm lazy to upload all the pictures from the best baby shower ever that I co-hosted this weekend, but feast your eyes on this gorgeousness and visualize the rest of the pictures to come. #weknockeditoutofthepark


Karen M. Peterson said...

Congrats on hosting an awesome baby shower. The table setting is gorgeous.