Monday, July 16, 2012

A Pain in the Neck Back

We went to the lake this weekend with my mom's side of the family.  My mom is 1 of 7 kids, so when we're all together (or somewhat together like this weekend), to me, the best description of our time together is insanity.  We have a blast together, but it's a bit crazy.  This trip was no different.  But that's not really what this story, er, post is about.  Trent was pitching a mini-fit about having to put on a shirt and get ready to take a nap.  {Sidebar: I took about 5 outfits for him and he wore 1.  The rest of the time?  Yup, naked.  I love my hippie boy.}  Anyway, he hadn't really gotten himself worked up yet but was heading that way, when he bucked at my efforts to put his shirt over his head.  And, whoops, fell off the bed we were sitting on.  Landed on his head (which is all I saw at first) and managed to scrape his back down my little plastic fan.  Ouch.


Lots of love, snuggles, TLC, and a movie ensued.  Nap time ended up being no problem actually, funny enough.

Fast forward to the meat of this story...Sunday evening, we're back at home and need to go to the grocery store.  I would have put all the food items off on Brent for today (love you, sweets), but we needed more bandages for Trent's back.  So off to HEB we went.  Anyone who lives in ATX will was storming big time.  But we had to go.  

As T sees the lights of HEB, he asks if we'll be able to get a race car cart.  Remember when I blogged about having one stolen from me?  Well, T and I both spotted a cart at the end of the parking lot and I parked next to it to grab it.  He even asked me if another family would take our cart. I promised him no one would get it.  Because no one else would be so stupid as to park at the end of the parking lot when it's been raining on and off for hours to grab a soaking wet race car cart except me.  I dry it off with the few Starbucks napkins I have (so my addiction isn't all that bad, right?) and off we go.  

While in the checkout line, the rain comes back.  POURING down.  All I can think is how am I going to get us back out to, oh you know, the BACK OF THE PARKING LOT without getting soaked.  I did remember to bring an umbrella, so I closed up my cloth bags as best as possible (and cursed myself for not using plastic this time since it would at least have been water repellent), opened the umbrella and tried to protect my first born and myself. About halfway to the car, he tells me he's cold and wants me to hold him and tries to climb up me as I'm steering us through the rain holding an umbrella.  It is at that moment that I just start to giggle.  All of this because of a tantrum over naptime.

And a story I want to remember. {grin}


Kelly said...

I can not believe you were out in that storm! WOW! Brave mama!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to beat our kid, put a shirt on him to hide the evidence. - B