Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Dos Bumpdate - 18 weeks

18 weeks along!  Thought I would try one of the little survey style bumpdates I have seen online a lot.  Not sure I'll do it every time but thought it would be fun at least once.

18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks, duh
Size of baby: Sweet potato (roughly 5.5 inches, 5 ozs.)
Gender: Unknown for 2 more weeks...and let me tell you...I didn't want to find out what this baby was (and didn't with Trent) but Brent did, and I decided to defer to the man who never has an opinion.  But not that we're 2 weeks away, I am DYING to find out!!!
Movement: Sporadic at this point.  I hate this phase where I'm not really sure if I'm feeling the baby, and then when I don't feel something for a few days I start to worry!
Sleep: Great!  My head hits the pillow and I'm out!
Symptoms: Sciatica is back, already find I move slower, get out of breath faster, some swelling has already happened (eek)
Cravings: Nothing really since the end of the nausea
What I miss: WINE
Best moment of the week: Picking Trent's big boy room bedding!!!  Semi-baby related because Baby Dos is why Trent is moving rooms.  SO EXCITED about his big boy room!
Belly-button watch:  My belly button gets weird looking really fast.  Half popped out.

I also added a comparison of my bump with Trent and Baby Dos.  I am way bigger this time around, hoping this slows down because Trent was big enough of a newborn!!

Close-up with Baby Dos!

19 weeks with Trent...I'm bigger now for sure.


Anonymous said...

So excited for yall! Cant wait to find out! - Allison

Kelly said...

Is Trent excited about moving rooms?? You look adorable1