Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grow Baby Grow - 3 Years!!!

Trent's 3 year well check was this past Friday.  As usual, I had a list of items to discuss with the doctor, while Brent thought Trent was just fine. {grin}

Height: 37 3/4" - 50-75%
Weight: 31 pounds, 2 ounces - 25-50%

The doctor commented on him having a growth spurt (he jumped height percentiles) which I like because I feel like he never eats, so I guess he is getting enough to grow!

One of the things I wanted to discuss with his pedi was him having a tongue thrust.  What's that you wonder?  Essentially it means you swallow incorrectly.  Yes, I am diagnosing Trent myself, but I think I am the right person to catch this as I also have one.  Mine was blamed on thumb sucking, but Trent came out of the womb with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

See?  Tongue = out

I'm not super concerned about his teeth because he'll either need braces or he won't.  What I'm concerned about is he has a lisp.  Is it a lisp because he's 3 or because he talks with his tongue sticking out?  I think the latter.  

I also talked with her about our recent struggles.  She agreed it's a little early to diagnose with ADD (not sure I ever updated that I talked with his school and the education specialist has been observing him after I mentioned my doctor's visit and they feel he has good/normal concentration in class and would not say ADD...would definitely say impulsivity things to work on but not ADD...) but recommended that sensory therapy might help with his ability to settle/calm himself.  

I also happened to mention that we struggle with getting him to eat a lot of foods.  I figured it was normal toddler behavior, but she was a little surprised at some of the things I've never even been able to get him to try (almost all fruits/veggies and beans to name a few).  She thought combined with his tongue thrust he might have some texture issues.

So...point of all this?  We will be starting potential speech/sensory/occupational therapy next week.  We have an evaluation appointment set, and we'll see where it leads us.  I definitely think this is the right step to take just to have a specialist involved.

And the coolest part was literally the first search I entered into google was for a place that just moved into our town, accepts our insurance and offers all services we might need.  

I am so excited to see where this leads because I still feel we are having lots of daily struggles.  He is definitely getting better (although as I type this at 10:00 PM, Brent is putting him back in his bed...again), but I'd like to make sure we're handling all this the right way.

And, of course, I'll post about our first appointment and experience!!


Kelly said...

A good OT can make all the difference in the world! I do part time work with one here that I love!! I do nutrition counseling with the parents while she works with the kids. This is good news!!! OT can make all the difference!

Anonymous said...

You panic enough for everyone. I don't need to. - B

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! i am always so behind in checking your blog but wanted to comment on your therapy topic...we have started Wyatt in speech therapy. Not everyone (including my hubby) thinks it is super necessary but when they evaluated him they said he definitely has issues and our insurance approved it. We haven't been going but a few weeks so I cant report if it is working wonders or not, but I think it is so smart to get help early. It can't hurt, only help!