Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Knight's Night-Night Tale

Friday when I picked Trent up from school, I got some very shocking news.  We've known for about a month that Trent will be transitioning to the next class at the beginning of June.  {Part of me is so proud of him because he's actually going up a little early, and part of me is scared because he actually loves his current teachers.}  However, on Friday, his teacher told me as a by the way that pacifiers were not allowed in his next room.  Oh really?  That might have been nice to know more than, you know, 10 DAYS before we were transferring Trent.

Now don't get me wrong, Brent and I are aware that our child is almost 3 and still using a pacifier. We knew the time to cut him off was coming up soon.  But we had always intended for it to be right around his 3rd birthday.  Use that 'You're a big boy now' line.

So we spent Memorial Day weekend breaking the habit.  We've never limited his access to his pacifier before, so we spent Saturday and Sunday only allowing him to have it at nap and bedtime.  We had some tantrums, but it wasn't horrible because he knew he was still getting it. Monday was THE day.  We threw night-night away. {Trent did sneak into the kitchen and get it out of the trash and hid sucking it.  Ha.}  We even went to Target and spent easily $60 on new toys.  Monday's nap?  Didn't happen.  What did happen was the taking off of 2 diapers and either peeing in his bed or pouring a cup of water in his bed.  Good times.  When I got him out of his bed, he went and peed on my bed.  To say I was upset would be an understatement.  Luckily, he redeemed himself with excellent behavior at the grocery store and was an angel the rest of the evening.  {As a sidebar, I have never felt such rage as I did at the store when I asked a cart boy to hold the special race car cart for me while I got Trent out of his car seat only to see another family walking off with OUR cart.  I mean seriously I saw red.}

Monday's bedtime though...was rough.  He cried for 45 minutes alternating between wailing and begging for me and for night-night.  That was hard to listen to, but Brent and I agreed he needed to figure this out for himself.  Luckily, when he finally fell asleep, he was OUT.  Minor waking at 10:30, but I just rubbed his back for a minute and he calmed down.  He slept an hour later this morning too!

So we'll see how the next few days go.  Regardless, he'll be without it when he goes to the next room!


Anonymous said...

I was getting anxious just reading about it but it sounds like y'all are going to make it just fine. Can't decide if him peeing in his bed or digging through the trash is my favorite part! :)
- Allison

the blogivers said...

Poor guy (and poor parents)! Maybe it's a good thing that you have such a short span of time to deal with this and then get it over with... hopefully that will keep it from dragging out longer than it might have otherwise? Just trying to look on the bright side :)

But the car thing would have caused rage for me, too! That is just irritating.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it wasn't too, too bad and he'll adjust quickly! I definitely laughed at the picture of him digging in the trash to get it and then hiding to suck it. Hilarious!


Kelly said...

Well at least when this is all over with he won't be addicted to his passy anymore. Focus on the good even though it sucks right now.