Friday, May 4, 2012

Update - Project 52

I have been a major slacker in updating Project 52.  So here goes...

5. Take a photography class
8. Eat like a vegetarian (I did it for 3 days!!)
14. Take a trip out of state (work trip to New Orleans totally counts)
21. Build our savings account back up (Thanks tax return!)
26. No more artificial sweetener! (None in 2012!)
46. Try taking Trent to a restaurant again (Still a disaster but we've tried several times)

Failure. :(
2. Try fish once per month
28. Give up cheese for Lent (Barely lasted 2 weeks before I forgot)
31. Go to the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games
32. Use my Deceptively Delicious cookbook every month

I already have several failures, but I don't mind.  I honestly thought things would be worse than this.  Of course the year is almost half off...{grin}


Karen M. Peterson said...

Hey! Look at all those things that are going so well! Congratulations!

As for the ones where you're "failing," so you haven't kept up with them so far. Give one or two of them another try. You put them on your list for a reason.

Kelly said...

YOU ate vegetarian for 3 days?!? Wow!