Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good News... Bad News...

Good news - I am in New Orleans today.
Bad news - It's for work.

Good news - I don't have an eye infection.
Bad news - My eye is 'angry' and I have signs of chronic dry eyes. (Thanks Mom!)

Good news - The speed limit on the toll road by our house increased to 80.
Bad news - There isn't any!!!!

Good news - Trent loved the lake this weekend!
Bad news - His weird rashes started again Sunday evening.  (Doctor visit scheduled for Thursday)

Good news - I have done really good cutting WWWAAAYYY back on cokes and chais.
Bad news - A weekend at the lake and traveling for work still = too many calories!

Good news - I love springtime!
Bad news - I don't love spring 95+ weather.

Anything good/bad going on with you?


Melissa said...

Does it appear after sunscreen? Just a thought. I had to switch to neutragena pure and clear sunscreen. Very allergic to banana boat!

Heather said...

Good news...I can't stop reading 50 Shades of Grey.