Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yard Work

Trent LOVES the lawn mower.  I mean LOVES it.  He wants to go out to the shed all the time and visit.  He points to every piece of equipment in there and makes me say what they are.  We spend a lot of time in the shed.  The days Brent mows are the best in our house.  I can't keep Trent inside.  All he wants is for Brent to hold him.  When Brent weed eats or edges, I hold Trent.  What usually happens is Trent tries to get down and begins to pitch a fit.  I take him inside and let him continue his fit and tell him that we can go back outside but Mama has to hold him.  So back outside we go.  We repeat this process every 10 minutes or so until Brent starts to mow.  Then he'll carry Trent with him 2 or 3 times for as long as he can.  Trent will look at me with the most precious grin you've ever seen.  It is the highlight of his day (and probably his week).  Brent gets the best 'thank you' from Trent.  Wouldn't you agree?


Jaclyn said...

Sooooo sweet. Yard work day is a big hit at our house too. Jacob just likes to watch or push his mower around, and Matthew helps David push the real mower and likes to use the blower.

Melissa said...

Man! You guys have some nice grass. Ours is patchy.

Kelly said...

Too cute! But aeriously I am IMPRESSED that Brent can mow the lawn AND hold Trent at the same time! That is hard work!