Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall TV

I'm getting excited!!  Most of my shows start back this week.  Just got done setting the DVR.  What am I recording this year you ask?  Well, let me just tell you!

Faves: Chuck, Biggest Loser, Modern Family, Law & Order: SVU, The Office, Ellen
New: Outsourced, My Generation

What faves of yours am I missing?  What other new shows should I give a chance?


A Real Housewife said...

the big bang theory, VAMPIRE DIARIES (duh)

Anonymous said...

We have so many...Greys, private practice, v diaries(love it), office, glee, modern family, Ncis, wow I think I'll stop now! We watch a ton of tv!

Heather Sullivan

Kelly said...

I am sad because my favorite 2 shows just ended. I LOVE The Closer and I also loved Rizzoli & Isles. Did you see that has Angie Harmon in was awesome!

Julie said...

Lonestar is new and about Texas, therefore a must see, at least the firt episode.