Sunday, September 5, 2010

THE Pretty Big, Life-Changing Event

Man, A LOT of people thought I was preggers after my little tease about a life-changing event. I am definitely NOT preggers (although someone I love dearly is...but I can't tell you about that yet), but I am defnitely a tease! Our big, life-changing event was Trent's first haircut!!! Brent and I went back-and-forth about cutting Trent's hair. I didn't want to risk losing his curls, but he had some wings on the sides. So we finally decided to take him and get his wings trimmed. Our friend, Heather, works at a posh salon in south ATX and agreed to give Trent a trim but NOT a mullet! Trent did a great job, and I didn't shed any tears. {grin} Thanks to Heather for the haircut and my FMIL (fabulous mother-in-law) for the picture-taking.

Pre-haircut - wings in effect

My first Picasa collage of Heather's diligent work.

Mama's big boy with his hairdresser

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Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

How sweet that Heather got to cut his hair for the first time!

A Real Housewife said...

Heather is one lucky lady to be holding that little stud muffin! ;)

Kelly said...

I officially have to STOP looking at pictures of Trent because he gives me such baby fever!!! haha!!! I am so glad I am back to my old self!