Tuesday, February 20, 2024

2024 Book Goals

I blogged earlier this month about my goals and mentioned I would have a separate post for books, so here we go - I always have goals for my reading!!

1. 100 Books - I read 130 books in 2023, so this goal might seem underwhelming, but it's actually strategic for me to read less and spend more time with Brent in the evenings ha.

2. Clean out 2020 from TBR - I already got a jump start on this because I had the idea at the start of the year - last year I did my '10 oldest' but went a little further this time and decided to clear out everything I put in Goodreads in 2020. I finished The Summer Wives, White Awake, Raising Worry-Free Girls, We Were the Lucky Ones, and A Black Women's History of the United States in January - all 2020 books!

What I have left:
  • Band of Brothers
  • Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
  • The Nazi Officer's Wife
  • The Invention of Wings
  • Well Matched
  • When We Were Young & Brave
  • How to Be Less Stupid About Race
  • Under a Gilded Moon
  • I Found You
3. Physical Books - I did a good job cleaning out physical books last year but am still struggling to let go of books - even if I have had them for years and haven't read them. I'm supposed to have 1 basket of books but it's majorly overflowed and there are also books in our closet. So I would like to get this back to just 1 basket.

4. Read 2 Classics - Kind of self-explanatory but want to get back to this goal.

5. More Diversity in Authors - I've had it be a conscious goal to focus more on diversity in my reading, but last year was on the lower side for me. I usually have about 30% diversity and this past year it was only 21%. Definitely want to get that back up again.

And I think this is a good list of goals for me!


Natasha said...

I didn't know Band of Brothers was a book! I'm totally checking it out of my library tonight because I LOVED the miniseries!