Friday, November 20, 2020

Five on Friday



I am jonesing hard over these Birkenstocks. How cute are they?!
I bought my first pair of Birks this year and they do WONDERS for my old lady feet.


PB Whiskey Drink

Possibly the best drink I've ever had.
And PB whiskey by itself is also heavenly!


Christmas Dresses

Eleanor Rose has been KNOCKING it out of the park with their holiday dresses. I have already bought Drew and Paige's! Girl moms - hustle to their site ASAP and look at all the cute options! Any guesses as to which ones I got D and P?


File This Under 'Things That Make Me Happy'

Holiday cups!!



The kids and I have the next week off, and I am basically delirious with joy. I think we could all use a break from the alarm clock and zoom and masks and rushing around. We are going to decorate inside {outside is already done, yay!}, listen to carols, play, read books, watch movies, and just enjoy a lazy week!


Kathryn Bagley said...

It's just crazy to me that Thanksgiving is next week!! ahhh!! I looked at the dresses..I'm thinking the Gingerbread village patterns?? They are all cute :)

Natasha said...

If you didn't get them the unicorns, you'd better get those too! And I haven't had Starbucks in ages -- I need to get me some in a holiday cup.

Emily said...

I just laugh because I think Birkenstock’s are as attractive as Crocs, but you do you! I keep forgetting you have this whole week off so you’ll have ALL THE TIME to try to beat me at our competition. :)