Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 Anyone struggling with the implications of rising COVID cases? My mind is a hot mess as I wonder about school, work, economy, illness, upcoming holidays, everything. Part of me wants to blog about it to get it out, and part of me wants to bottle it up and shove it back down.

So let's look at some memes that made me laugh recently, shall we? {grin}

Any of these really speaking to you right now? Please tell me I'm not alone with the spiraling thoughts!


Kathryn Bagley said...

omg #dead..LOLOLOL The Elsa one definitely me! And the thinking things will go back to normal Jan 1-ummm no! This is our reality for well forever it seems! I don't know if I can survive another lockdown..the first one was pretty bad for me :(

Erika said...

Haaaa those are great!!! I think the last one speaks to me the most, but all of them are on point.

Natasha said...

I didn't get to my blog reading this morning because I was too busy being sad about Christmas and Channukah and Covid and... Yeah, spiraling is a good word for it.

Also, these memes made me laugh!!! Especially the binge watching my kids, the my body tells me to eat pizza, and the January 1, 2021 change ones!!!

Emily said...

Lol all of these. Except I am Elsa and I do love the cold. My body also wants to eat like Michael Phelps so maybe it’s just confused?