Monday, November 16, 2020

It Was No Costa Rica...a Weekend Away

You may remember that Brent and I turned 40 this year and planned a trip to Costa Rica with friends, several of whom also turned 40. Obviously our trip didn't happen, and we are still unsure of when we can re-book our trip. So we decided to take a little getaway this past weekend with friends to a town about 90 minutes away. We had such a blast with our friends!

My view from the back porch with a drink - it was gorgeous and so relaxing!

The gang! 6 of the 8 went to Puerto Vallarta together in 2008, so crazy.

Dez ~ Rhonda ~ Allena ~ Susie

Neighbors and friends!

We stayed at a ranch that was about 5 miles outside of town, so Friday we went and had lunch in town and then came back to the house to hang out. We brought enough food to read us all for a week, and we made a Mexican food buffet Friday night.

Hot tub shenanigans

Saturday we went into town again and hit up a local winery and did some shopping.

It was just a little windy. {grin}

Do you think we have enough dips?

The guys grilled steaks for dinner Saturday night and we stayed up WAY too late playing drinking games, listening to music {and singing along badly}, and having general merriment without work, kids, or other responsibilities getting in the way. It was glorious!

What I had to wear when I lost one game. Sigh.

Out of order but I'm too lazy to go fix it - another shot from the winery.

Just some of the damage before we cleaned up Sunday morning!

We enjoyed another fun lunch and then headed home to our babies. My parents kept them for the weekend, and they had a terrible time, NOT!

Making LOTS of art

The YouTube king!

It was really great to get away and enjoy some adult time. We're still really hoping we can make Costa Rica work, but until then, we will continue to enjoy everything Texas has to offer!


Erika said...

So fun!! I'm definitely worried yall didn't have enough dips, though. ;)

Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun trip! and you can never have too many dips or too much mexican food :)

Natasha said...

Although it wasn't Costa Rica, this still looks like fun although I too am worried that you didn't have enough dip. I don't think there's EVER enough dip so that might just be me :)

Emily said...

You and your neighbor look so much alike! Sometimes when you post pictures, I have to double check who is who. So glad you got a fun weekend away. I need that!