Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fun Evening

I had 2 really fun experiences last night that are worth sharing for a few laughs.

First, I got to spend a fun chunk of the evening picking slime out of Drew's hair. WHEN WILL I LEARN MY LESSON ABOUT SLIME?!?! There is slime stuck in the carpet in not one bedroom, not two bedrooms, but ALL 3 kids' bedrooms. There is a slime stain on the playroom couch. And now I got to pick it out of hair. Needless to say, I threw all the slime away that I could find. My kids love slime, but I'm pretty sure our slime days are OVER.

Second, I got scammed. A woman knocked on our door and [DON'T LAUGH AT MY STUPIDITY] was selling magazine subscriptions. She had a whole story about the company she worked for being for people who needed second chances and she was rebuilding her life etc. etc. I figured going into it there was a good chance this was a scam, but I figured what did it hurt to help her out a little? I even chose magazines to send to a foster home. But then she told me the total for 3 magazine subscriptions...$192. EXCUSE ME WHAT? I wrote the check and immediately started panicking. How was I going to tell Brent what I just did? I googled the company and there were lots of complaints with the Better Business Bureau, so I decided to put a stop payment on the check. But now I just feel so slimy. First off, what if everything she said was true? I feel like a jerk, but that is just too much money. Second, if she/the company are really liars, they're jerks. I also fessed up to Brent, and after 22 years together, I still manage to surprise him with the dumb things I can do. {grin} Upside? I worked on my response for how to say 'no' kindly so next time I can nip it in the bud before it begins!

So how was your Wednesday evening?!?!


Natasha said...

Last year on the way back from our Disney cruise, Rachel fell asleep while holding an open container of slime and got some in her hair. Because Rachel is impulsive, while Dave and I were unpacking the car, she cut it out. ARGHHHHHH! Thankfully she didn't cut it all out and I was able to demonstrate the proper way to remove a bit of slime from her hair. All this is to say, I HATE SLIME.

My Wednesday evening was rather productive as I finally cleaned out my office organizer. It makes me soooooo happy to have it done. Yay!!!

Emily said...

Oh man the slime!!!!!!! I can’t imagine how hard that is to get out of hair. Also the magazines - it happens!

Kathryn Bagley said...

oh no all the way around! and you are a much better person than me to work on saying no kindly! I can't stand people who take advantage of others! I hope you were able to send out a message to your neighbors! and DO NOT feel bad for canceling that check! I prob need to send a private email with all the things I really want to say..ha!

Erika said...

AHAHAHA Oh man I am just now reading this...the magazine scam!!! So terrible!!! But I know the feeling of like...once you've talked to them awhile...acted, how do you cut it off and say no!?!? Also, thanks for the heads up about slime. Millie hasn't really gotten into that yet, so I will be sure to keep it that way!!!