Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 Goals

Now initially the fact that I only achieved 50% of my goals might sound totally lame, but I'd like to point out I took it way back and also accomplished a 2016 goal this year as well ha!

Here are how my 2018 goals stacked up: 

1. Get Outside - Nope, nowhere near where I hoped to be. And after reading Emily's review of 'There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather' {which I am going to read}, I'm recommitting to this one and already have some ideas of how to accomplish.
2. Finish Trent and Drew's Baby Books - Nope, ha. I got them down and that's as far as it ever got. So staying on the list for 2019.
3. Win the Book Challenge - This one I accomplished! Woot, woot!
4. Photo-a-Day - Check check!

What 2016 goal did I accomplish? WE CREATED A WILL!!!!! So terrible that we've been married 14 years and had 3 kids before we did this, but we finally did it. A large part of my hesitation was the expense - so lame but dang they are expensive - and then Emily pointed out that my company has a legal plan, so I was able to pay a small amount out of each paycheck and get our will done FOR FREE!!!! So we signed those bad boys on Halloween and while I hope we don't need them for decades to come, it is a relief to know our finances and, especially, our children will be well taken care of.

So onto my 2019 goals!!! Of course in addition to this year's family motto...

1. Damnit Already - Lose the Damn Weight - No more excuses. The plan I did this summer was amazing effective - I lost over 10 pounds in 6 weeks, but then [per usual] I fell off and gained most of it back. I lost a few pounds before the holidays knowing I would gain some during the holidays, ha, but here I sit - about 30 pounds heavier than I'd like to be. I quit Orange Theory - it was just too expensive for how often I was going and joined Jazzercise - don't laugh but I love it and it's 5 minutes from my house and a neighbor/bestie goes too, so my plan is Jazzercise and going back to the summer eating plan. Hoping for 5 pounds a month and can be where I want by summer! And am aiming for spring family photos - poor Paige is hardly anywhere in our house, ha.

2. Try New Meals - I'm just SO bored with the meals we eat. Every meal I make someone complains 'This again?' and sometimes that's me in my head! I don't have a set number in mind, I just want to see if I can find some new options to mix in. We have so many picky eaters that's it's hard to find something for everyone, so I'm hoping for ANYTHING here!!!

3. Back On the Picture Uploading - I don't think I've uploaded anything to our Amazon account in over a year, eek. I want to be doing this monthly.

4. Reduce Weekend Screen Time - I think we do really good with screen time during the week for the kiddos - many days they don't get any. But the weekends are another story. Sometimes it feels like all they do on a Saturday and/or Sunday is watch their devices - and this is specifically Trent and Drew, Paige rarely gets any. Largely it's because I'm trying to catch up on stuff or I'm tired. But they are definitely old enough to entertain themselves or play together, and I have to stop using their devices as my own personal crutch. Hopefully this will also help with #5!

5. REPEAT - GET OUTSIDE! - Rededicating myself to being outside much more than we are. I might do an entire post on this topic after I read the book I mentioned above with the ideas I'm brewing in my head and see if any of you have other suggestions. I'm not expecting us to be hiking for hours by next weekend but would love some small changes here and there to make a cumulative impact...

6. REPEAT - Finish Trent and Drew's Baby Books - I mean this is so lame. Just print off some damn pictures and write some words. They're both half done, and I have their every day lives on this blog - this is not hard, I was just lazy. I lost both of their hair from their first haircuts {I didn't even save any from Paige's trim ha} and I think I threw Trent's teeth away - I decided that was just gross - but I can easily print some pics and add some more commentary.

I feel like this is manageable, but I couldn't finish last year's list, so here's hoping I can hit better than 50% this year!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Totally do-able! So I know it seems easy enough but when I envisioned having kids I always said we are going to have family walks in the evenings. easier said than done i'm sure but maybe just once around the block would help get you outside more!

Emily said...

I’m so happy with the progress you made - yay for the Will!!! Great goals for 2019! I feel like “reduce screen time” will always be a challenging goal with how tech addicted our kids are. And of course YAY for outside time!

Natasha said...

Getting a will made is GREAT!!! I think we need to update ours so that's something to look forward to. Ugh.

And I'm excited to read the Outside book and see what new ideas I get. We really need to get outside more too, except our inclination is to sit inside and read, which is kind of the opposite of getting outside!

Your baby book resolution is inspiring me to get the kids' School Year books done. Again, ugh. It would be so much easier if I just did them every year.

I'm curious to hear if you discover any great meals. My meal rotation is so blah -- it needs some inspiration. No pressure though :)

And Then There Was 6 said...

What eating plan did you do this summer?