Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Christmas 2018

It took me until just a couple of days to gather and organize all the Christmas pictures! But I did it! {grin} We had a great Christmas, so I will largely let the pictures do the talking.

Christmas Eve: We spent the day at home and went to Brent's Nannie's house in the evening. I needed to get one last present for my mom and somehow spent 3 hours shopping which was a random experience ha!

Trent needed a haircut and I was bad at scheduling something,
so this was my attempt at cutting his hair.

When everyone needs some rest!

That long nap was too much for Drew - she couldn't sleep.
I got frustrated and sent her to Trent's room, ha.

Christmas Morning: We started our morning off at home with the kids finding their Santa gift {a giant tree swing} and opening their stockings and presents from us. [Sidebar: Drew can't decide if she believes in Santa or not. Trent hasn't believed in a long time, and I can't decide if I should be honest or keep it going?]

Brent got them a laser tag game for us to play as a family.

He loves these books!

A Beyblade stadium! His #1 request

We then headed over to my parents for time with my sister's family and my parents.

We did a scavenger hunt for a big group gift we did for all the kids - a spring trip to the San Antonio zoo. They had a great time hunting for clues and are really excited to go! Patty hid little toy animals over the house for them to hunt and then guess where we were going.

Love all of these peeps SO much!

The OG Swopes

Christmas Night: We left my parents' house around 1:00 so Paige could get some sort of a nap, and then we headed to Brent's parents' house. This was their first Christmas in the new house - that is 7 minutes from us - and we had a great time!

Saturday After Christmas: We had one last Christmas at my sister's house for my mom's siblings and my cousins. Brent had hernia surgery the day before, so he stayed home to recover.

2nd cousins

First Cousins [7 of 12]

The best gift was my parents kept our big kids for 3 nights - 1 at my sister's and then they took Trent and Drew and Patty's 3 to their house for 2 more nights. Yay!

And with that, Christmas 2018 has come to a close. Yay for returning to normal life and back to school for my kids today!!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I think I tried to leave a comment yesterday but something happened! I love how both sides of your family are so close (you and B)!

Natasha said...

I am so impressed you cut Trent's hair. I made my mom do Sam's first haircut because cutting my own kids' hair just makes me nervous. It looks great, by the way.

And that's so fun that you got to celebrate Christmas with so much family -- including your cousins. I'm hoping we'll see some of my cousins this summer but I don't know for sure yet. We're so spread out it's hard to get together.